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Brene Brown is all over the place right now; podcasts, netflix specials, books, and even billboards. And there is a reason why. She is wise, relatable, informative, honest, and real. Known as a researcher and story teller, she is a self help guru that anyone and everyone can learn from. I watched her ultra famous Ted Talk (one of the top 5 Ted talks of all time — over 40 million views!) years ago, and find myself re-wathching it every year to relearn all that she has to share. She has spent years researching shame and vulnerability and shares it in an honest and approachable manner. And her most recent talk, a netflix special on courage (“The Call To Courage“), shame, joy, and human connection is amazing.   I found myself crying, laughing, and wanting immediately to REWATCH it all over again. It is that good.


Watch it now. Although, if you haven’t yet watched her 20 minute Ted Talk on Shame, that is where you should start. THENNNNNNN, you should watch this hour plus talk on Netflix. It is new (came out on April 19th — a couple weeks ago).

And then you should listen to her on Dax Shepard’s podcast (“Armchair Expert”). You will find yourself laughing hysterically — both Dax and Brene are so loveable and you will instantly want to become friends with both of them….

BB — Brene Brown. Love love love. Armchair expert episode 51 (all his podcasts are good — but especially this one — but it is not short, so unless you have two hours at one chunk to listen to it, it is fine to break it up).


And after you binge watch the Ted Talk, the Netflix special, and listen to her on Dax Shepard’s podcast (you can also get more information on her on Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations podcast), then you can read any of her books. So much love for this woman — she has taught me so much and I have so much left to learn from her.

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  1. I love Brene Brown!!! I’m so happy to see that her notoriety is growing.

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