Seattle Fall Weekend 2018

The past two Falls, I have made a trip out to Seattle with my son to have special alone time with him and his cousins. My brother lives in Seattle with his wife, three kids, two dogs, and two cats. As a lover of the Pacific Northwest, I love this trip to go visit him and just spend quality family time together. We don’t do much while there but it is nice to be all together. Here are some pictures of the weekend.


My brother’s house. ISN’T IT SO CUTE? Even with the scary decorations (my brother’s kids wanted it to be the spookiest house in the neighborhood), it is so cute. And so Fall.

We jump roped a lot. For those of you who follow me on instagram, I like to jump rope and take a lot of videos of me jumping around the world. It makes me smile, SO WHY NOT?

We went to Seattle Center on Friday — the two little kids got to skip school — and so we went to the Pacific Science Center (INCREDIBLE) and walked around the Space Needle and the best playground in Seattle.

When in Rome…take pictures of the Space Needle!

Our go to restaurant in Seattle is Uneeda burger. It is delicious. I had a salmon burger, onion rings, sweet potato fries, and a kale salad. YEP, all by myself. Thank you marathon training.

The colors of Seattle were amazing over the weekend: yellow, orange, and red. Rainbow perfection.

On Saturday, I felt like we lived in the suburbs. We went to two soccer games, drove around, and just had a nice suburban weekend day.

Bestie cousins. Although I never can tell who Cruzzie meshes the best with — sometimes it is with the youngest (Nadia), sometimes with Alagna (10) and sometimes with Axel (12). Different adventures and times create different relationships and bonds.

We are missing a couple Proskurowski-Rob-Natori members, but this is us feasting on Chinese food at 430 pm…..



And now…..back to NYC and responsibilities of tutoring, homework, cooking, and oh yeah, running a marathon this Sunday. OH LIFE. Grateful to be alive.



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