Bainbridge Island, Washington

Happy Spring Break all!  Greetings from Seattle.  After a week skiing in Big Sky, Montana, we are now in Seattle, mixing some of Ken’s work obligations with a visit to my brother’s.  My parents came to Seattle via Eugene.  As always, it is great to be with the family.


While here, Ken also wanted to show the kids and me his grandparents’ old house on Bainbridge Island, where his father and uncle grew up and where he used to spend his summers as a young child, escaping the concrete jungle of New York.



To get from Seattle to Bainbridge, we took the ferry, which was Ken’s favorite part about spending his childhood summers in the PNW. The kids (with cousin Alagna in the middle) had a blast.

Pretty views of the Puget Sound

Cousins hanging out on the deck. It was super cold…..damp and windy! But oh so beautiful.

At Ken’s grandparents’ old house. It is now owned and rented by a family friend, so we were able to roam the grounds freely. Ken’s grandfather built this house himself after their family was displaced during World War II, when all Japanese-Americans on the West Coast were interned. Ken’s father was actually born on the way to an internment camp, which is so sad to think about.

The sound off the back porch.

Family shot

View from the side of the house. The new renter (Derek) in the background.

Another family shot which shows how windy the ferry was. VERY windy.

With my brother, my sister-in-law Katie, and all 5 cousins.

Back to Seattle.


It is always incredible, relaxing, fun, (and chaotic) to be with family, and love my time with everyone. Additionally, it was nice to see what was such an important part of Ken’s childhood. We will be in Seattle until Wednesday — too short, but nice nonetheless. I hope you have a great start to your week!

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