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A dear friend of mine, who also happens to be extremely opinionated and firm on all her decisions, told me that the best beauty secret for her skin was coconut oil. Yes, yes, I am a huge believer in coconut oil for the body, and have always splurged on the expensive kinds that are made for the body. This friend told me not to buy the expensive kind, but rather, the kind in a health food store, and to use it all over your body, including your face. So, after a while of experimenting on my face and skin, I have finally figured out the right amount (a little goes a long way), and man DO I LOVE IT. SERIOUSLY, it is the best moisturizer and feels so good on the body and the face, makes your skin glow, and is inexpensive too. TRIPLE WHAMMY WIN!


Looks and appears basic. BUT IT IS FAR FROM BASIC.

I was a little skeptical of using coconut oil that is made for the kitchen on my body, but it even suggests it on the jar.

And it is so smooth and decadent for the skin. MUST MUST MUST use.


You can buy it on amazon here for 9 dollars. NINE DOLLARS! A face moisturizer and body moisturizer for NINE DOLLARS. This is the best deal I have ever heard of, and it is also a great result. Thanks, Jaimee, love you loads for always sharing your beauty secrets and tips. And everyone, Happy DECEMBER and happy weekend!

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  1. I use coconut oil for everything! Jojoba oil at night and coconut oil in the morning (for my face). Coconut oil is also great for a deep conditioner (leave on the ends of your hair over night) and also great at speeding up the recovery of sunburns! (helps prevent peeling after too) Have fun mixing it with different essential oils too!

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