Currently Loving May 2017

With a blink of an eye, school is almost finished, summer is here, and we are 1/3 done with 2017. So here is what I am currently loving for May 2017!


1. Brunch / Lunch at Russ and Daughters at the Jewish Museum


Salad! Yes please!

Salad! Yes please! Delicious. And maybe I like it because it looks like a colorful rainbow.

2. My daughter’s new shelves in her new room



#Shelfie with rainbow books, Jess Brown dolls, and some knick knacks (patty quacks).


3. The Met Cloisters



Cloisters in Northern Manhattan. I had the privilege of being the chaperone for my son’s field trip to the Cloisters, and I highly recommend it as a visit when in NYC.


4. Coffee Table books and scene


Table, coffee book, and flowers.

Table, coffee book, and flowers. All makes me happy.


5. Organizing!



A work in progress, but this is our current laundry room. To the left, you see some bins, to your right, you see chaos. More bins and organizing to come. For whatever reason, it makes me happy to organize and to see the progress (and not just the final product!)


6. New favorite Rose, Puech Haut


Favorite new rose

Last week, I hosted a mom’s night at my apartment so I ordered a case of rose. I asked the wine store to put together a case of mixed rose (cheap price point) similar to Whispering Angel (which I like). The clerk told me that there were a lot of better options than Whispering Angel, and so she gave me an assortment. This particular wine is light (like water) and so delicious (and even cheaper!). A must for summer!


And look at that, now it is a day away from JUNE! What are you currently loving right now? Do share!

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