Roxanne Assoulin Bracelets

Introduced to me by a dear friend, these bracelets are a taste-the-rainbow flirty, fun, summery addition that add (lots) of pops of color to your wrist. Roxanne Assoulin bracelets. They remind me of chiclets (the gum) and instantly bring a smile to my face.  It doesn’t hurt that these were recently mentioned in the NYTimes….


Trio Package

Trio Package. Screams HAPPY SUMMER!


Website information.

Enamel tiles

Enamel rainbow tiles.

Same colors, similar vibe: Lego.

Same colors, similar vibe: Lego.

On my wrist.

On my wrist.


Love love love love! Happy colors, happy stripes, happiness. Happy June! BTW, I think I use too many “!!!!”, the phrase “Say WWWHHHHAATTT” and “YUP.” I am going to try to curb my 22 year old vocabulary back and either adapt to the new cool lingo (a la “gucci”) or maybe (just maybe) sound more like a grown up 37 year old. That said, Happy Weekend, YUP!!!!!

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