Solo Travel = Mad Face

Happy Monday!  I just (barely) survived my first solo travel excursion with both kids.  To make it easy, we made the trip to Mexico…. with a stopover…. and a forty minute drive (joking on the easy part).  All worth it to meet my parents on vacation (I meet Ken, who couldn’t take two weeks off,  next week), but boy, was it an effort!


The below (while not taken yesterday), summarizes my (our) feelings.


Toosh... Make a mad face

Toosh… Make a mad face


Cruzzie… you too.


If you are a new parent looking for travel tips, click here.  For the record, this is a couple years old.  And I definitely need to write a new version that involves solo travel.  But hopefully it helps!



All better?


Happy Spring Break! And come back here on Wednesday….just because I am on vacation, doesn’t mean I will not be posting, because I will be! So come back!

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  1. Your children are literally the most adorable people I’ve ever seen in my life!

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