Dr. Singha Mustard Bath

With the unbelievably freezing cold weather in New York City (and everywhere else), everyone is sniffling and getting sick. So, here is a natural cold remedy / muscle soreness / all around healer to help us out… Dr. Singha Mustard Bath Salts! It will kick your cold to the curb.  Stimulating, rejuvenating and cleansing, Dr. Singha Mustard Bath uplifts and restores by helping detoxify your body.


Dr. Singh

Dr. Singh Mustard Bath and Dinosaurs (the perfect pairing)


Made with mustard (duh), the formula gently opens pores and assists in the elimination of impurities.  The ingredients include Organic Mustard Seed Powder, Essential Oils of Eucalyptus, Rosemary, Wintergreen & Thyme. It doesn’t necessarily smell all that great… kinda like a big pot of stew with you in the center. But the smell is secondary, because the effect is amazing. IT WORKS! It helps your muscles, makes your sniffles go away and your body tingle, and is natural, organic, and soothing! Done, done, and more done.




Natural Treatment

Natural treatment




Mustard, the old age remedy. Indeed.


Spoon. Don’t eat it.

put in bath

You simply put 2 ounces in the bath and SOAK for 20 minutes.


Toes in water. Yes, the water is yellow. Yes, you feel like you are soaking in Emergen-C. But you don’t drink it. You sit in it. And it feels OH SO GOOD.


It is available online and in health food stores. So if you were me, you would buy a case, and not have to worry about this damn weather. And if you live in California, I am jealous. But buy it anyways, as it is detoxifying and tingling. Glitter for your veins! Stay warm, East Coasters. And West Coasters, I am mad at you.

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  1. My entire household has been sick for a week and a half. I will try anything. Thank you!

  2. Natural Indian products are amazing, my father always brings back a powdered toothbrush (sounds crazy) but works great. I’ll have to get the name. Where did you find this??

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