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As a sucker for all granola, I am also obsessed with muesli. Although very similar, they are not the same thing. Both granola and muesli contain oats, fruits and nuts, but muesli is raw, whereas granola is baked. People enjoy muesli like they do granola (served with milk, sprinkled over yogurt, drowned in kefir) or they soak it overnight (in milk or yogurt) to create a cool, porridge-like consistency. Both of my parents (foreign born) eat muesli almost every morning (except for Saturdays when Papa Proskurowski makes his famous omelet) so I have been around different forms of muesli all my life. And Mu Mu Muesli, my friends, is one of the best. The best.


mu mu

Mu Mu Muesli is created in NYC by Mike and Lisa, and now sold in many different stores and online. They sell muesli and pancake mix, both of which are scrumptious, healthy, unique, and bold.

pancake and museli

pancake and museli



The muesli is created with “8 powerful ingredients” of oats, cranberries, coconut, raisins, date, flax, almonds and wheat flakes. See the benefits of all the ingredients here.


Yes — truly the best cereal on the market. I agree, Mu Mu.

in bowl

In bowl, pre-milk or soaking.

The pancake mix is a blend of organic spelt, barley and oat flours with a crumble of organic dates and cranberries and a hint of cinnamon. No added sugar or preservatives, and you don’t even need maple syrup or jam on the pancakes!

pancake mix

pancake mix

Go try Mu Mu Muesli! It truly is an unbeatable, delicious source of energy and happiness. (yu)mmmmm(uuuu) Happy weekend!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I made your quinoa granola from the other post and love it. Something new to try! Thanks as always for the lead. Have a great weekend.

  2. Hey Anika,

    Thanks so much for your blog on the Mu

    It is Way Past Awesome!

    I discovered it a few days ago and we want to post it on our facebook page.

    but there has been Mu Mu blogging in the air so we will post it next week.

    Also we will have our web guy add it to our “Press” page

    I really had a laugh when I read your “about you” page.

    When you talked about you and your husband’s ethnicity

    and then you concluded that your kids will be able to check off every box on a census.

    If you send us an address we would love to send you a bag of Mu & Mu Mu Magic

    as a Thank-you


    Thanks again for Blogging on the Mu

    Your header graphics are fantastic, love the design & color
    over and out

    • Thanks, Mike! So happy that I found your bags of deliciousness. They are truly delicious and I am a huge fan. We were randomly in a beautiful store in Bedford Hills (Tasting Market Table???) this past weekend, and they had Mu Mu Muesli, too. They also had many other beautiful products and goods, and I was happy to see your muesli included in the selection. Have a terrific Holiday season, and thanks so much for your note!

  3. This cereal is actually made in Sharon Springs, Ny, not in NYC as you claim.

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