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The election is behind us, and we have Barack for 4 more years!  As you could guess, I am a big Obama supporter, but every Election Day, regardless of the outcome, it is great to see America get passionate about politics and participate in our political system.  On to the blog!


While Josie Girls spend a lot of time on their own wardrobes, helping dress the men in your lives can be just as important.  I previously posted on Johnnie-O, a West Coast take on the classic men’s polo shirt that I love.   Today, my focus is on the men’s button down.


While I didn’t grow up with men’s button downs (my father and brother probably have a total of three button downs combined), I have grown to appreciate certain ones, and detest others. My husband wears button downs like I wear hoodies, they are a major role in his daily uniform.



Mister Guapo in one of the 100s of button ups he owns.


My dad’s uniform on the other hand is a ratty tee, a bandana around his neck, and a fanny pack.

Things I hate:


*  Men’s button downs that are too big.  For whatever reason, 80% of men buy button downs that are too big, either due to size, or due to the cut… excess fabric bunching on the sides, shoulders that are WAY too wide, etc


*  Men that wear formal suit button downs out socially.  A button down that is meant to look boring with a suit is definitely going to look boring with a pair of jeans.  Yes, I am talking to you every 25 year old investment banker in New York City.


*  Button downs that have a sheen and shine to them. NO NO NO NO. And even more NO NO NO if paired with a shiny solid tie. You are not Regis Philbin from “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?”


Things I like:


*  Button downs that have a little more design, or a splash of unexpected color.



I LOVE this J.Crew shirt. Nothing better than a stripe of hot magenta pink on a (hot) guy.


*  Button downs that are slimmer fit



Uniqlo, which now sells online (HIP HIP HOORAY!), has a wide selection of slim fit button ups that are classic, stylish, and oh-so cheap.


*  Button downs that don’t look like a 25 year old investment banker in New York City could wear them with a suit (sorry if I am harping)


michael douglas

Thank you, Michael Douglas. What is up with the white collar on the blue shirt?


With that in mind, my favorite men’s button downs out there are from J.Crew.  They are slimmer fit (but tell your Josie Guy to buy a size smaller than he would on his own… I find this to be a GREAT rule for improving your men’s wardrobes).  They are also affordable and I think they look great. Also, J. Crew deserves a shout out for offering teachers a 15% discount!  Show your teacher ID in store, and you can get a discount on the clothes you buy, or get credited back for clothes you buy online.  Thanks J. Crew!


Here are some of my current favorite Men’s Button Down shirts, from J.Crew as well as other lines.


J. Crew Flannel Shirt in Barn Plaid

jcrew plaid

Everything about this shirt is a winner. The colors, the plaid, the fit, the confidence it takes from a guy to wear this. I think that this shirt would look particularly good on dark men, such as my good looking Babers.


Patagonia Long sleeved pima organic cotton


Always a big fan of Patagonia, these shirts look wholesome, rugged, outdoorsy, and perfect.


Band of Outsiders Alamo Plaid

band of outsiders

Again, plaid, pink, slim. SOLD!


Gitman Brothers X Opening Ceremony

gitman brothers



I guess there seems to be a trend with the shirts I like on guys….bright, bold, slim, and plaid.



My boys in their button ups, matching of course.

sweater vest

And of course, button ups look even better if you add your own little style to it. Like rocking out with a sweater vest.


So there you have it, the button ups I love. What men’s fashion items do you like?


And, before I forget, congrats to our winners from our three giveaways last week!

Levain Cookies – Debbie Ainsworth, East Northport, NY (she lives in New York and was without power when she found out she won!)

Bengal Beach Towels – Judith Poppell, Lake City, FL

$100 Flywheel gift certificate – anonymous, Bessemer, AL


Congrats all!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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