Men’s Fashion- Button Downs

The election is behind us, and we have Barack for 4 more years!  As you could guess, I am a big Obama supporter, but every Election Day, regardless of the outcome, it is great to see America get passionate about politics and participate in our political system.  On to the blog!


While Josie Girls spend a lot of time on their own wardrobes, helping dress the men in your lives can be just as important.  I previously posted on Johnnie-O, a West Coast take on the classic men’s polo shirt that I love.   Today, my focus is on the men’s button down.


While I didn’t grow up with men’s button downs (my father and brother probably have a total of three button downs combined), I have grown to appreciate certain ones, and detest others. My husband wears button downs like I wear hoodies, they are a major role in his daily uniform.



Mister Guapo in one of the 100s of button ups he owns.

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