ShoesI love working out. I feel like I need to sweat in order to have a “complete” day. I am a gym rat that loves doing my workout routine but also love trying out new methods, ideas, classes, and fad workouts. Spinning classes are my current obsession. I used to love Soul Cycle because it was closest to my apartment — but to tell you the truth, the climate, people and atmosphere were so toxic that I stopped going. I loved the workout, but hated the scene — and let me tell you, the Upper East Soul Cycle was a SCENE. Gossip Girl central. SO many complaints that it was not worth the awesome workout.Gossip Girl

And then, Flywheel opened up nearby. Just as good of a workout at Soul Cycle, with less of a cult like feel, less attitude, and less of a mob scene.  It’s also easier to get into classes (getting into a Soul Cycle class was like getting into Harvard!) and closer to home!

FlywheelNothing makes me sweat as much as Flywheel. I leave drenched and refreshed. I always feel like I can climb another mountain after the class, or just sit on my tush all day, and either way, I will be happy as a clam. Classes are 45 minutes long, and push you to the next step. It is a full body workout, with cycling (obviously), and a ten minute combination arm sequence towards the end of the class. Every part of your body gets worked. Although classes are not cheap ($30), they give you shoes, water, and a towel in your little cubby.

Water and towels. Getting ready to sweat!

The bikes are set up in a stadium style, so everyone can see the teacher easily. The room is dark, the music is pumping, and man, is it awesome!

Stadium cycling.

There are three locations in Manhattan (Upper West Side, Upper East Side, and Flatiron) as well as locations around the tri-state area. My personal favorite teachers are Natalie C., and Chris T. I try to go once or twice a week, as I love to spice up my normal workout routine with a fun spin class.


The Flywheel lobby

One of the reasons that I love Flywheel so much is that the teachers tells you what torque (power) and RPM (revolutions per minute) to be at — so you know how hard to push yourself and what your goal is. The teacher sets the goal but you can obviously push yourself harder or take it easy depending on how you feel.

Torque and RPM


Sweaty me after class

I took (i.e. forced) my husband to a class on Christmas Eve morning, and he hated it. Despised it. Was grumpy for the rest of the day. He loves working out, but likes doing so on his own and doesn’t “like people screaming at him telling him what to do.” So, it is definitely not for everyone — but for those who do like to get pushed in a workout, sweat a lot, and listen to loud music, than this class is definitely for you.

Until next time!

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl.

Josie Girl


  1. I love Flywheel! There is one here in Chicago on North State Street. AMAZING workout…

  2. So do I. Loved Flywheel the first time I tried it. I feel like I am getting a real all over workout. Couldn’t stand soulcycle – it’s like Zumba on a bike. No one goes there for the workout – they go there to look around.

    • HA! So funny — couldn’t agree more. I was so excited when Flywheel opened up because I love the spin class gym environment but Soul Cycle was WAY too much for me to handle!!!

  3. Flywheel is the best. I totally agree with you on SoulCycle on the UES. It is a scene. Love the blog!!

  4. love flywheel! such a fantastic workout that is quick and effective. my favorite instructor is Jesse Alexander. so motivating and seriously plays the best music. i swear, he was a DJ in a former life.

    • So funny! I do love Jesse’s style, as well. Music in a spin class is key — and Jesse does rock some great tunes!

  5. Sweet! sounds like an intense but rewarding workout. Gym classes are the best, especially when you go with friends…
    I’m sure deep down your husband loved it and will be back for more (ha ha..)

    • Would love to think my husband will go back again, but highly doubt it…le sigh.

  6. We have the DAC where I live, but now that I see there is a good workout club in the big apple I just might move there when I retire.

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