My Holiday Wish List

As much as I love giving presents, I also love getting them. Is that wrong? However, I absolutely hate telling people what to get me — so I hope my husband does not read this.  But as much as I want certain things, I also want the person to think something is the perfect item for me. Once again, is that wrong???

Here is my wish list. I see it not as presents that I want from “Santa” but items that I hope to purchase sometime — this season, 2012, within this decade. These are my top wants — meaning, of course, I want a Starbucks gift card, books of all genres, fun DVDs, a framed picture, some Natori underwear (best present EVER!)… these are just the higher priced items that most people will NOT get me, thus my WISH list.



I love this hard-soft look. The girlie gold and then the rough spikes! This Dannijo bracelet is dreamy!

Jennifer Meyer

The skinny bracelet is a great touch to my arm-party of gold bracelets, but the little added torquoise color is a nice pop. Jennifer Meyer is always so classic and perfect.


Natori swim

HOT HOT one-piece! So flattering on all body types! And the price can't be beat! I am so excited for stores to get this Natori product in!


Cartier Ballon Bleu

Obviously, not getting it for christmakuh, but maybe my 5th year wedding anniversary (June 2012!)?? But how classic and glamorous is this Cartier Ballon Bleu watch? LE SIGH! I will keep on DREAMING!

Hermes Medor

A little more punk, edgy and fun! This Hermes Medor watch is more like a functional bracelet -- which is why I love it! Looks like a bracelet but serves a purpose! Multifunctional items are the best.



My littlest sister always wears daring, fabulous, and striking lipstick. I SO want her lips, and since I can't have those, I just want her lipstick. YSL lipstick is soft and luscious, with frivolous and exciting colors!


Vie Luxe

Maybe because we used these candles throughout the church when we got married, but whenever I smell the Vie Luxe Cote D'Azur candles, I want to faint. The smell is so beautiful -- fresh, memorable, and pure. I always love having scented candles lit in our apartment. It makes it more homey and peaceful.


Dannijo necklace

This Dannijo "Eloise" necklace adds some flair to any outfit. I can imagine wearing it with jeans and a tee (aka my daily outfit) or with a party dress. LOVE it.

Aesa necklace

Part hippy, part warrior, part awesomeness. This Asea necklace looks ah-mazing.

Pamela Love

Love this Pamela Love necklace.



Practical but cute! And Nike allows you to customize your shoe -- monogrammed, colors, shoelace color, the works!

Chloe Sneeks
I am sure my husband will HATE these shoes, but the Chloe sneakers are straight up my alley. Different, comfy, and hip.



Natori Fam

BY FAR, HANDS DOWN, the most important gift of all. I actually do not need anything but for my family to be happy, healthy, and in love with one another. There is nothing I want more than my beautiful happy family to remain healthy and intact. They are truly my world. Without them, nothing matters.

Until Friday, Happy 1st of December!

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl


Josie Girl


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