GOOPGENES body butter

Truth be told, Instagram first sold me GOOPGENES body butter. I couldn’t believe that I was actually buying a GOOP product sold to me on social media…..but I did it. And hot damn, I am glad I did. I used up the first container in a month — I couldn’t stop lathering my body with the rich, luxurious cream. I felt my skin soaking up the nutrients of the cream and it was so hydrating — so, now, I am an absolute believer in this body butter.



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Broccoli-Arugula Soup

Theoretically, you could just go to the GOOP website and find this soup. But hey, it is more fun when I post, right? So full acknowledgement, this soup is copied EXACTLY from GP. AND IT IS SO GOOD! And healthy! And the perfect way to start the New Year! So go on and make it. And pretend that I was genius enough (or had the staff) to create it myself.





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