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Came again since your excellency is in my sword array, if can low blood pressure cause aneurysm you want to get there, let han give you a ride in person as soon as the words fell, the lotus flower on the opposite Normal Blood Pressure For Women can low blood pressure cause aneurysm side.

Fashioned move, so let s do can a pharmacist prescribe blood pressure medication it if it goes well, the matter here can be resolved in half a day the middle aged man agreed with a smile apparently, this person thinks it s not too difficult.

Asked the three fellow taoists is just in case the big head said with a relaxed expression okay, since brother yuan said so let s keep this thing temporarily can low blood pressure cause aneurysm in the red light, the foreign.

Surrounded by six people, a golden treasure resembling a compass is floating in the void, slowly turning continuously in the why would my blood pressure spike Low Blood Pressure Causes middle of this treasure, there is an arrow several inches in.

Want to vomit this alien race is worthy .

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High Blood Pressure Medication why would my blood pressure spike, can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Signs Of High Blood Pressure Good Blood Pressure For Women. of being a void refining level existence, but in this instant, it has made so many reactions but the figure in the white light was even more.

Me, you d better not waste your energy my spiritual consciousness has already been restricted by the existence of the saint race and other ranks even if the same What Is Considered High Blood Pressure can low blood pressure cause aneurysm saint race uses the third.

Became a little paler in the red light, and then a strange blush appeared on his cheeks it looked like he had lost a lot of vitality but this huoyue man was decisive enough almost at the.

Size, stretching and flickering, and circles of strange patterns similar to scales are engraved on the plate, and at the same time, golden runes emerge from the plate, fluttering and.

Out in shock then his green skinned alien and the big headed alien looked at each other, and almost simultaneously, one of them turned into a blue rainbow and shot out, Normal Blood Pressure For Women can low blood pressure cause aneurysm while the other.

Excitement in his mouth then suddenly both sleeves flicked at the same time immediately, there was a clear cry from one of the swordsmen, and dozens of small blue swords shot out at the.

Pale face all of them wore uniform green battle armor, and held a long dagger with a red light in their hands these aliens, both male and female, were whispering to each other, with.

Considered it was just like a small mountain body shaking, and there was a turbulent wave from the nearby sea, and countless blue light spots flew out from the sea water, instantly.

In terms of sensing some dangers therefore, he did not dare to underestimate this premonition at all, and paid close attention to the changes around him suddenly his expression changed.

Head is covered with .

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Foods That Lower Blood Pressure can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Josie Girl Blog why would my blood pressure spike High Blood Pressure Medication. scales, its head has golden can low blood pressure cause aneurysm horns and a pair of long tentacles, and it looks almost like a dragon s head two behemoths looking at each other not far apart the giant.

Puppet s stomach, and it opened by itself a space several feet wide was presented in front of everyone and on the ground of the space, there is a small teleportation array that is about.

Intelligent as soon as it saw this scene, it naturally knew that something was wrong when the silver eyes moved, the blue light on the surface of its body immediately burst, turning into.

And danced around him the sound of chi chi pierced the air loudly in the blink can low blood pressure cause aneurysm of an eye, a red hurricane of sharp dancing blades formed at once, protecting it within seeing this.

Huoyue people 131 82 blood pressure also felt that the places where their feet stepped on were also abnormally soft, and at the same time, their noses were full of strong vegetation, and they couldn t see any.

Energy was so dazzling that it reached the alien in just a flash the aliens were startled, if they were caught off guard, they might really have can i take advil with blood pressure medicine no choice but to wait for death but.

Directly Normal Blood Pressure For Women can low blood pressure cause aneurysm into the secret passage, I ll go there first the can low blood pressure cause aneurysm How To Lower Blood Pressure In Minutes alien surnamed yuan smiled, and raised his hand to strike at the teleportation circle below a white light flickered in the magic.

And there was not a single person but the four can i refuse to have my blood pressure taken walls were flashing .

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why would my blood pressure spike Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Normal Blood Pressure Range can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Josie Girl Blog. with a pale white light of 85 blood pressure restraint, and there was a tightly closed stone door at the four corners of the hall, there.

Level aliens in front as for the strange dragons that flew out at the end, they didn t stop for a moment from the very beginning, chasing the aliens with the highest cultivation level at.

Being suppressed suddenly, the giant whale like beast suddenly moved its eyes, and glanced at the sky on one side with some surprise as a result, a moment later, a flash of light flashed.

And then use retreat as an advance to prepare for a fight, so that I can t leave immediately seeing han li s calm demeanor, the three figures in the red light showed a hint of surprise on.

Head looked solemnly at the dharma plate in his hand, his eyes flickering, thinking about something as soon as han li moved, he stepped out of the teleportation formation under his feet a.

Rumbling noises, causing the shield to shake violently, as if barely supporting it han li was taken aback, and hastily raised his head to look out of the light curtain, the blue lights in.

His hand and shook his head again and again stop Normal Blood Pressure For Women can low blood pressure cause aneurysm talking nonsense, find this person quickly we ll get everything right after we ask brother yuan, with the disc in your hand, you should be.

With sea beasts all the year round overseas the big headed man said with a smile well, since fellow daoist believes so much, and he brought me into the secret path earlier, han will help.

Babies the discourse of the big headed alien is eerie the aliens in the square first looked at each other in dismay, then shouted can low blood pressure cause aneurysm loudly before fleeing in all directions and as soon as.

Inconspicuous, but it was a kind of body protecting supernatural power cultivated by collecting sunflower essence in water it was extremely powerful and had saved its life countless times.

Three golden beams also submerged in the bloody flames in a flash although they easily separated the flame, when they hit the blood red and shiny hard shell of the giant prawn, they saw.

And their escape speed was slightly lower than those of the giant eagles, but with a single flash, they could cover a distance of ten feet, and their speed was still faster than the.

Are still within hundreds of miles han li thought about it in his heart, but he didn t have the slightest intention to stay while paying attention to the movement nearby, he flew towards.

People only felt that the light in front of them dimmed, and after concentrating their eyes, their complexion suddenly became ugly and abnormal after changing the surrounding scenery.

Upper clan of course there is a holy clan there is no doubt that the thing must be in their hands the old man analyzed slowly that s right if it s within this range, the targets will be.

Changed, and he hurriedly can oxycodone lower your blood pressure urged the two treasures to attack madly, while muttering something, as if he wanted to use some powerful magical powers but at this moment, han li s faint voice.

The old man finally murmured when the middle aged man heard this, he didn t say anything, but his eyes flickered, and he also showed thoughtful expression at this time, near green light.

And the green skinned man, they didn t know where they had .

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can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Average Blood Pressure, High Blood Pressure Symptoms why would my blood pressure spike Blood Pressure Readings. escaped when han li was delayed for a while but since they need to hide their bodies, they can t escape too fast, most of them.

An army to besiege green light city you must know that luguang city is just an inconspicuous trading city it stands to reason that it would not be attacked so soon so I suspect that there.

Startled when they saw han li s actions, but immediately reacted can blood pressure cause ringing in the ears and shouted angrily I saw two of the phantoms moving and shooting out of the red light the speed of escape was extremely.

Still recorded the traces of the battle that happened just now two years later, word spread throughout the fire can low blood pressure cause aneurysm coral islands the teleportation can low blood pressure cause aneurysm circle that had been destroyed for an.

Seemingly extraordinary illusion so easily but as soon as he showed a smile on his face, after the surrounding scenery distorted, a dazzling green light unexpectedly burst out the can low blood pressure cause aneurysm alien.

Nowhere in the void under the abnormal sharpness of these red blades, it seems niacin blood pressure as if they are directly cutting the void everything around was slashed by these blood blades, and suddenly.

Pursuit and have the confidence to destroy the means arranged by what happens if you don t treat high blood pressure yuan, they can open it blood pressure 122 68 and have a look the big headed man smiled darkly how do I know that after the item is handed what kind of hibiscus tea lowers blood pressure over.

On his face, and he shot a red light at it with one hand as a result, the red spell disappeared into the compass in a flash, and the pointer in the middle turned again but the treasure.

Middle aged man also nodded in agreement six team leaders, leave two to guard the battleship, and send everyone else out count the time, and the low level aliens outside should be able to.

Guard, and was slightly surprised han li hurriedly swept his eyes away, but was astonished in front of him was a huge square of thousands of feet, all paved with a kind of white stone.

Appeared in a drowsy cave looking left and right, the .

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can low blood pressure cause aneurysm
How To Control High Blood Pressure In Summer ?can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Average Blood Pressure, High Blood Pressure Symptoms why would my blood pressure spike Blood Pressure Readings.

High Blood Pressure Medication why would my blood pressure spike, can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Signs Of High Blood Pressure Good Blood Pressure For Women. cave is not big, only more than ten feet, but there is a luminous spar can anxiety and depression cause high blood pressure hanging on the top of the cave, which clearly reflects.

Headed foreign race blood pressure women chart turned a blind eye to han li and the others, and without moving their feet, they slid in front of the statue opening his mouth, a yellow round crystal was spurted out.

While, the three of them returned to the teleportation hall that han li walked out of the teleportation circle stayed there very fruit to lower blood pressure quietly there are residual traces of spatial fluctuations.

These aliens, their cultivation bases are really uneven the ones with higher cultivation bases have already escaped dozens of miles away, leaving only small black spots, and those with.

Escape speed of most of the alien races below after two waves of chi chasing troops flew out, the giant island calmed down for a while, but soon after, several dragon chants sounded from.

Terrible and under these double headed eagles and soldiers repeated searches of the land inch by inch, from time to time, one or two rays of light suddenly flew out from the hidden places.

Even impossible for him to leave immediately with the help of the circle hearing the first half of the sentence, the faces of the three alien races showed excitement, but when they heard.

Movement of his body, his whole body turned into a red light and shot high into the sky but a cold hum came out from the void, and can low blood pressure cause aneurysm when the red light flew to a height of fifty or sixty.

Of this multi colored light, from a high place, the aliens and geckos are unusually hidden, and it is difficult to detect their traces with the naked eye while driving the spirit beast.

Thoughtful han li rubbed his chin, and became very .

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why would my blood pressure spike Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Normal Blood Pressure Range can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Josie Girl Blog. interested in the contents of the box since these things are so important, why didn t brother yuan send them back to the clan himself.

S right, it really is this beast hey, can low blood pressure cause aneurysm there s even a blood flame shrimp, good, good it seems that my trip was really worthwhile han li only took a few glances, and murmured with a hint of.

You want to be a prisoner of jiao chi clan together with me han li s voice sank, and his expression became as cold as ice hearing han li s words, the foreign race in the red light frowned.

That appeared in the sky immediately collapsed and disappeared in a flash then he turned his head and said to the three of han li fellow daoists, come with me my goals are too big to mix.

Jiaochi tribe can really leave is still a matter of discussion at the very least, we high level beings, they will definitely not let them go easily the big headed alien race explained.

Light, and the three phantoms retreated back slowly at the same time, with extremely vigilant expressions on their faces han li was startled when he saw this, but then he sneered turning.

Scream, and hundreds of blood stained corpses appeared on the ground at this time, the black canoe behind also flew through the air I saw those armored soldiers can low blood pressure cause aneurysm standing above waved all.

On more than a dozen elders to infuse our bodies with secret techniques in turn to break through the bottleneck of mana however, we are not as good in terms of spiritual thoughts and.

The air, it rushed into it the whole giant beast seemed to be swallowed by the cyan light curtain at once han li could see clearly in the sky I saw a flash of blue light, and the giant.

Unconsciously immediately, tens of thousands of eyes in the square swish , .

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why would my blood pressure spike Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Normal Blood Pressure Range can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Josie Girl Blog. all staring at the phantom of the big man in the sky it was the phantom of the big headed foreign race, and then.

Swept towards it at the same time, it opened its mouth again, and a ball of green liquid sprayed towards the figure in the white light this liquid has an unusual stench that makes people.

Treasures that can enlarge the detection range to thousands of miles away han li didn t know that it was not in vain to be careful just when he saw that he was getting farther and farther.

Feet, suddenly a blue light flashed can low blood pressure cause aneurysm in the sky, and a cyan lotus appeared strangely, and then blurred, one turned into two, two turned into four, and four turned into eight in a blink of.

Restraining force, making it impossible to penetrate into it it seems that the few taboo talismans affixed to the lid of the box have the miraculous effect of severing spiritual thoughts.

May be some rumors from the jiaochi tribe if I carry all the things with me, the risk is too great you said that the jiaochi army also came for What Is Low Blood Pressure why would my blood pressure spike the things in the box the green skinned man.

Cyan light curtain hard but the light curtain only flickered slightly on the surface, and there was nothing unusual in a panic, the miniature whale shook its head, and suddenly the sky.

Party s divine sense .

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can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Average Blood Pressure, High Blood Pressure Symptoms why would my blood pressure spike Blood Pressure Readings. from being marked by induction, it is also can low blood pressure cause aneurysm impossible for him to let the other party s primordial spirit leave here alive therefore, as soon as I got what I wanted to.

A thousand holes in the end, the big hand collapsed on its own in a flash ah seeing this can you take tylenol with high blood pressure scene, huo yueren in the red light was startled, his face turned pale, and he opened his mouth to.

Quickly brother yuan, you have been in this city for so many years you must know some secret ways to escape outside the city the green skinned alien also came nearby, and asked anxiously.

Giant whale like sea beast, but disappeared into the void at the same time, while a black shadow shot out from the other sleeve, and after being shaken by the wind, it immediately turned.

The big headed foreigner took out a blue mirror at some point, stared at it can mountain dew cause high blood pressure for a few moments, and lost his voice what s the use of talking about it now, it s important for me to escape.

Flicker slightly in the air, and said suspiciously it seems that either the person possesses a strange treasure that can affect the induction of the tianxuan compass or this person is.

Pushing with one hand, the seemingly thick stone door was pushed open, as if there was no weight at all at high blood pressure after covid vaccine the same time, a noise like a stock market came suddenly han li was caught off.

Level puppet or other treasures of the same level from the elders of our eternal race the big headed man took a deep breath and said solemnly does standing lower blood pressure what, a psychic level puppet the green.

With a leap of more than ten feet hehe, this is a unique concealment technique of the dark green tribe once it is used, unless the cultivation level is higher than him, or some special.

Body of the sea beast at once, and began to flicker wildly this beast was extremely cunning, as soon as it sensed that han li was approaching menacingly, it didn t seem to be low, so it.

Leave if you are sensible, obediently hand over the jade box in your hand hong can also plead for you, maybe he will spare your life this phantom tone looks very .

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why would my blood pressure spike Foods That Lower Blood Pressure Normal Blood Pressure Range can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Josie Girl Blog. confident it s no wonder.

Subordinates now I want to abandon it, and I feel a little bit reluctant the big headed alien didn t want to hide it, and sighed lightly brother yuan, you don t need to be so depressed.

Like the wind, and countless thick black high blood pressure and tremors shadows smashed down their heads huoyueren was startled, and before he could think about it, the sharp blades on his body rushed into the air and.

Strange scales, flickering slightly Normal Blood Pressure For Women can low blood pressure cause aneurysm okay, the fourth powerful can thyroid problems cause blood pressure spikes existence has also been locked the four of you move in twos, and search for the two coordinates I told you the other two will.

Third level of the holy tribe it is not something we can compete with the big man surnamed yuan shook his head, and his expression became gloomy again huh, even if there are no saints and.

Pair of unusually gorgeous wings, the winged dragon s entire body is golden, no different from ordinary dragons as soon as they flew out of the island, their huge bodies disappeared in.

That those jiaochi people are only a dozen miles away from them, and they can reach them in a short time the thing you released just now is this the does cbd or thc help with high blood pressure corner of han li s mouth curled up.

About other things later how did you teleport the green light city it stands to reason that the other teleportation formations leading to this city have already been cut off by the.

Even though the jiaochi clan is powerful, with the thirteen tianyun clans joining forces, we can t see that it is really weaker than this clan maybe there will be a day when we can take.

Is a 70 can grapefruit reduce high blood pressure to 80 chance the big headed man hesitated for a moment before replying cautiously hearing the answer from the alien surnamed yuan, the green skinned man became can low blood pressure cause aneurysm more convinced.

Some have unusually long ears, like rabbit ears there are even wa people whose upper body is humanoid and lower body is snake body but most of them are foreigners with pale green skin and.

The four figures around him suddenly turned into four beams of light and shot out eight of the more than ten feathered dragons also flew can low blood pressure cause aneurysm away with the four of them there were only two.

Lianxu level aliens, and he also looked at each other a few times fellow daoist just arrived in green light city, don t you know how to call him the big headed alien flashed a flash of.

A giant blade several feet long, and slashed high into the sky after the golden token buzzed, suddenly a ghostly shadow of a dragon with golden light and wings flew out from the token.

Were swarmed up and pecked away by several other giant eagles who had been waiting for a long time of course, some people from different races were not willing to just sit there and wait.

Straight for the giant beast they opened their mouths, revealing a mouth full of sharp fangs, each of them was extremely ferocious half a day later, a blue rainbow shot up from the nearby.

Strangely in the palm of his hand impossible, how did you do it the three phantoms in the red light trembled at the same time, all showing expressions of shock and anger at this moment.

Said solemnly don t panic, comrades the city s protective formation can last for a long time, and it won t be breached immediately now everyone, is 108 68 a good blood pressure hurry up and gather at the four city gates.

Beast s water escape was accidentally blocked, so it was naturally frightened and angry with one mouthful, there was a loud thunder, and a blue arc of light was sprayed out, hitting the.

Green skinned and big headed people it seems that in green light city that day, besides han li and the big headed four, there were other high level existences hidden they also don t know.

The flames in the red light, when the huoyue people saw the jade box in their hands, and han li was so easily killed by one blow, they were startled instead, feeling faintly that.

Feel refreshed, and the whole body feels relaxed illusion the huoyue man was not simple, the blurred look in his eyes just flashed, and he immediately reacted and cried out he hurriedly.

To get something out of some void refining class hands the old man nodded when he heard the words, and sternly shouted, the remaining two golden feathered dragons circled above the two of.

Swelled up to the size of a hill again, and then the blue light was lowered, and he rushed forward with his huge body han li saw all this in the air, but a smile appeared on the corner of.

Heard the words, but he nodded with no expression on his face, and stepped forward in a flash the teleportation was so fast that han li didn t even feel any discomfort, and he suddenly.

Dizziness, and slowly opened his eyes he glanced around, feeling slightly relieved he was actually in a hall with a size of more than a hundred feet, the surrounding area was very quiet.

Floating and flashing on the surface even though the power of this wooden plank is not small, how can you take your blood pressure with an apple watch can it withstand the extraordinary power of yuanci shenshan the black hill scatter the.

Series of afterimages as soon as he appeared outside the stone gate, he saw that there was chaos in the square at the .

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High Blood Pressure Medication why would my blood pressure spike, can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Signs Of High Blood Pressure Good Blood Pressure For Women. moment, and the human beings were rushing to avoid the surrounding.

If a catastrophe was imminent at any time and their heart charm clan is only a small clan on the thunder blood pressure measure device continent, but they have innate magical powers that are rarely known to outsiders.

Everything here on one side of the cave wall, there is a well opened four way passage about zhang xu high the big headed alien and the .

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can low blood pressure cause aneurysm
  • 1.Do Any High Blood Pressure Medications Cause Loss Of Smell
  • 2.Can You Take Garlic Pills With High Blood Pressure Medicine

High Blood Pressure Medication why would my blood pressure spike, can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Signs Of High Blood Pressure Good Blood Pressure For Women. green skinned man stood aside among them, the big.

Extremely respectful well, now that I have recorded my coordinates, let s start to act immediately even the nearest one is hundreds of miles away the middle aged man also ordered the four.

Thunderous that he didn t have the slightest intention to hold back with han li fully running the brahma saint true demon art, the speed of the golden blood pressure 131 74 light is unimaginable with just a.

Easy for han li to disperse these water guns however, han li didn t look at any of these water guns at all, and kept staring at the huge sea beast that was emitting blue light from its.

Astonishing scene appeared seeing the puppet waving its four hands, after the yellow light was released, its figure was magnified by several times, its body almost filled the first floor.

Of four people, the flying speed is naturally extremely fast in just a moment, they came to a seemingly ordinary attic the attic door is closed before the light came down, the foreigner.

Lasing, and the white light suddenly dimmed, and finally became extremely faint, faintly visible another startling rainbow flew more than ten miles away, and then there was a bang , and a.

Own initiative, he will can low blood pressure cause aneurysm naturally let it go easily anyway, according to what the other party said earlier, the chances of chasing soldiers can high blood pressure cause eye swelling above the combined level this time are not very.

The three of them, only han li was holding the jade box in his hand with one hand, his eyes flickering over there why, brother han, do you have any doubts the big headed man was a little.

Was the same as before the cyan light curtain flickered twice, and he endured it as if nothing had happened this time, the beast really can a person with high blood pressure take ibuprofen started to panic with a flash of his figure, he.

Are still in the hands of the wangu tribe we can t let them destroy these items in a hurry the elders have made it very clear yo, they brought the items back intact after thinking for a.

City was completely submerged by the white light after the burst of the light ball in the air the protective blue light began to emit a low buzzing sound, which was the performance of the.

Of the attic, and then it slapped its arms on its stomach at the same time with a flash of inspiration, a strange talisman array appeared, and with a click , a small door appeared in the.

The finger upwards with a flash of cold light, several cyan sword lights shot out, heading straight for the jade box you can low blood pressure cause aneurysm re crazy the huoyue people who were slowly backing away were.

Eyes, flashing an anthropomorphic greedy expression the two moved and remained still, but it gave the impression that the giant shrimp was far inferior to the other, and was gradually.

This green light the other two alien races also looked at each other in surprise when they heard the words but all three Josie Girl Blog can low blood pressure cause aneurysm are coming and saying nothing because the big man was talking.

Moment later, the white light reappeared in the magic circle, and the red light aliens also appeared as soon as I can low blood pressure cause aneurysm saw everyone arrived .

Can High Blood Pressure In Cats Cause Blindness

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Josie Girl Blog why would my blood pressure spike High Blood Pressure Medication. the big headed man raised his head, smiled how to cheat blood pressure test at them.

Foreigner immediately walked into the teleportation circle, circled around it several times, and with one hand made a causes of high blood pressure in women tactic, a green light hit the circle immediately, the originally.

Were irritated by these attacks, screamed out of their mouths, and swooped down again, and the attacks they launched were even more ferocious in the blink of an eye, there was another.

Be sure that he is not from the jiaochi clan as for the supernatural powers of the fellow daoist, it is definitely not too small to be able to cultivate to such a level after fighting.

Han li and the other three the green skinned man and han li subconsciously caught the jade box one after another brother yuan, what s inside that you re can st john s wort cause high blood pressure so careful in the red light, the.

Them for a while, and then suddenly rushed towards the can low blood pressure cause aneurysm direction pointed by the compass after a while, they disappeared without a trace below, the old man .

Does High Blood Pressure Cause High Resting Heart Rate

Foods That Lower Blood Pressure can low blood pressure cause aneurysm Josie Girl Blog why would my blood pressure spike High Blood Pressure Medication. and the middle aged man didn t.

That either those cities have already been conquered, or that the jiaochi clan sent people to cast spells to cut off the inheritance of this city but the vanguard of the jiaochi tribe has.

Inspiration, and the wooden plate disappeared, and then asked calmly my surname is han it is true that I have just arrived in this city what happened here could it be that I am going to.

There was a faint glow, and then the scenery blurred, and the grass and sky disappeared in a twist seeing this situation, huoyueren was overjoyed, it was unexpected that he broke this.

Large amount of blood spurted out like a fountain, and it seemed impossible to stop seeing this, the giant whale like sea beast was horrified the blue light it emitted before seemed.

Cicada s strategy of escape and leave quietly however, although han li s heart trembled slightly, he didn t say anything about it faced with this matter involving his own life, he.

Shrank slightly although it was also the first time I heard of this elixir, but after a sweep of spiritual thoughts, the faint medicinal fragrance emitted from the small bottle was indeed.

Again, also plunged into the light curtain a surprising scene appeared the sea beast s huge body touched the cyan light curtain at once, and it didn t stop it at all, as if piercing into.

Blue light and shadow in front of him suddenly shone brightly, and then rolled back like a huge wave the huoyue people were taken aback, and the fa jue, which was already ready to go, was.

Fight and the possibility of saints appearing in green light city is really very small the middle aged man also nodded and said however, it s a pity for hong mie the old man didn t know.

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