Savouries Cookies and Granola

A couple weeks ago on a beautiful Fall day, I got off at the wrong subway stop (to go to Trader Joe’s) and ran into a dear old friend, Christine, whom I had not seen in a decade. (A decade!) It was one of those powerful encounters that both brought us to tears as we were SO happy to see each other and be reconnected. She is magic — and everything around her is positive, joyful, and magical. Long story short, turns out Christine is now a full time bad a$$ actress as well as a baker (a good friend to have). She makes the most incredible cookies and granola (my favorite food group) and you can’t stop eating her creations. And she sells them!!!!! Savouries! Get them!


Savouries! Rosemary Cookies and granola.

As a granola snob (and connoisseur), this granola is perfection. Not too sweet, crunchy. Once you start, you cannot stop.

And these cookies!!! They are amaaaaaazing! Christine (a Brooklyn hipster) suggests pairing the cookies with a great with a nice cup of black English tea OR a neat glass of Rye whiskey. Doesnt that sound so hip and chic? These cookies are chic.

Who knew the combination of sugar and rosemary would be so great?

Look at those almond and coconut slivers. Perfection. The granola is delicious on its own with milk or atop your favorite yogurt. I also like it over vanilla ice cream!

A little bowl of happiness.


The online store is currently being set up, so the best way to place an order is to send Christine a direct message from Instagram or via email The best news is that she mails them to you! So you don’t have to be in the area, and can actually taste and eat these incredible baked goods ANYWHERE!

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