Currently Loving August 2021

Whoa, wow, yeesh — mid August, here we are. This is what I am loving this month!


1. White Lotus


Absolutely hated the first episode, but couldn’t help but watch the second…and now I can’t get enough of it! Funny, dark, witty, all at the same time.

2. Mother Denim High Waisted Slim Straight Leg Jeans


Now that skinny jeans are officially out, I am on a mad search for all straight legged jeans. I have a couple I already love, but I just got these and I love.


3. Bead Bracelet Making Kit


I have spent a fair share of time making bracelets — a very summery activity (but hey, you can do it in Fall, too!). It is fun, colorful, and produces great looking bracelets. I made one this week all in different pink shades with “YO” on it (also OY if you flip it around).


4. NYTimes Rachel Uchitel Article


This is an article that is absolutely worth reading — not only is it fascinating but gave a different perspective on the whole Tiger incident. I like Rachel Uchitel much more after reading this piece.



5. Rufus Du Sol – Next To Me


I love Rufus Du Sol — so much that I once dragged Ken to one of their shows over Thanksgiving break. Just the two of us in a sea of 20 year olds…..Their new single that dropped this week has once again become a big hit with me.


6. Goats


Is there anything more “California” than goats in a tesla? I want both. Goats. And a Tesla.


7. Fresh Peach Bellinis


Literally picked a peach from the tree and made these delicious bellinis. So much better than canning or jamming peaches — and easier, too!


8. Encouraging Words


One thing I love about my hometown is that you find cheesey motivational phrases all over town — written on signs, or in this case, on a fire hydrant. “You can either keep pedaling, get off the bike, or fall over.”



What are you loving this month? I always love to hear, thank you!!!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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