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As many of you know, since April 2020, I have become an avid needlepointer. I spend a lot of time planning a project, working on it, and finishing it. I love (and hate!) the process of it, but I absolutely love having a final product — especially when I am proud of the work. I have spent hours upon hours searching for canvases that strike a chord with me, but more often than not, I am left uninspired and wanting more. I absolutely loved making my Notorious BIG footstool, as well as my Tupac pillow, and I wanted to find something in the same genre — cool, hip, unique, exotic, and colorful. Unfortunately, after my own search,  I never found anything. Thankfully, a friend told me to contact Denise, of DNS by Design, who can custom paint any canvases, any size, any photo. And boy, did I luck out in finding her! What a gem!!!!


The final product of my Biggie stool.

My Tupac project when it was still being worked on.


I sent her an email (and you can contact her, too!) and she was extremely quick to respond. I told her that I wanted a 10 by 10, colorful, and size 18 canvas of Snoop Dog. Within a day, she found an image that she thought could work.


The image that Denise found to paint on the canvas.


And a little over a week, I had the canvas in my hands to work on!


Day 1.

Getting closer.


It is a very big project so will take me several more weeks to complete, but I am so excited to have a 90s hip hop trilogy in my living room. The colors, the conversations, the love I have for 90s hip hop — it’s all there. SOOOOO, if you have a project you want to needlepoint but can’t find the perfect canvas, OR if you have a friend / family member that is an avid needlepointer and you want to gift them the perfect canvas, then contact Denise! I am so so so so happy to have found her — next up, a picture of my dog, Stevie!

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