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After reading about hydroMATE water bottles in the NYTimes in the article “The Water Bottle That Won’t Leave You Alone” I bought one to use. I have always struggled with consuming a lot of water and instead, turn to La Croix, which is not necessarily a good addiction. It has been one of my goals for many years; TO DRINK MORE WATER. And this hydroMATE is actually helping me. In the week that I have owned the inspiring/annoying bottle, I have completed the goal every. single. day.


This bottle is BIG. It is half a gallon but feels even bigger.

It is easy to carry (even though it is so big that you want it one place).

Straw. My favorite part of this bottle is the straw as it is so easy to drink from!

Tracker — keeps me going! GOALS!

Up close and personal.


I know it sounds cheesy to say that a water bottle has helped me achieve my goals, but….it really has. This bottle is making a huge difference in my water consumption (not sure how drinking water has helped me thus far, but I am open to waiting and seeing how being hydrated is a good thing!) and I am so very happy with this purchase. If you struggle with drinking enough water, I highly highly recommend getting hydroMATE! I bought it for Ken’s birthday and he said he is so excited for this! Who knew a water bottle could bring so much joy?

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