To Do Fall 2019

SUMMER DON’T GO, but since you are, in fact, *gasp* gone, here is what I want to do this Fall…some repeats to last year, but as a lover of lists (and planning), I like setting goals for the season. Here they are:


1. Be more current and attend more live concerts.


Live concerts….so much fun to go to. And I don’t go often enough.  We are going to see O.A.R. in Port Chester in November, but otherwise need to get live music on our calendar.


2. See more theatre.

Lucky to live in a city with so much theater, and therefore, I want to take more advantage of it and go more frequently…I always love it when I do go, just takes extra planning!


3. Visit Governor’s Island before it closes for the season.


One of my absolute favorite places to go to in the city, but it’s been two years since we last visited. So, time to go back! Who wants to come?


4. Chug Aperol Spritzes at Bar Pisellino


We went here in June, and although Aperol Spritzes are technically a summer drink, I can’t wait to go back. STAT.


5. Soak in the art at the renovated MoMA (opening October 21st)


ART and culture — more of it, please.


6. Eat dim sum in ChinaTown (and get a foot massage, too)


My son just discovered dumplings and now calls himself a “dumpling dude” because he loves them oh so much.


7. Have a picnic at Storm King (and go when it’s not freezing like I have done every other single time).


We have the tendency to go on the coldest fall days and it is windy and cold… this year, I am determined to go on a nice sunny day! It is so beautiful, especially when it’s warm.


8. Explore the Whitney on a Friday afternoon.


Free art on a Friday afternoon with an incredible view — done. Just need to make it happen.


9. Dance all night



10. Read in the Cooper Hewitt courtyard


Secret courtyard tucked in the Upper East Side — so incredible.


Ambitious? Yes. Fun? OH yes. So if anyone who lives in NYC wants to do these activities with me, HOLLA at me. I am making them happen. Need to spice things up a little. Happy Fall!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. We’ve been meaning to do Storm King too – we should meet up there before it gets cold. Also, we always like the MoMA and Whitney.

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