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Super sunscreen is Supergoop Sunscreen! It’s not a shock that I am very particular about sunscreen that I use. I don’t like overly sticky, too white, bad chemicals, etc. So I have searched low and high for the best sunscreen over the past several years. Finally, last year, I came across Supergoop and there is no going back.


Yes, so true.

Supergoop has been around for more than ten years. Their entire product lineup is innovative and ahead of the rest. They have dozens of different products; mineral based, sprays, powders, gels, creams, you name it. And they are all effective and made with good ingredients. Out of all their products, these five are my favorite: Unseen Sunscreen, Mineral Matte, Everyday Sunscreen, Glow Stick, and Sunscreen Mousse.



If you have yet to try them, I highly suggest giving the brand a shot (everyday sunscreen is one of their most popular sunscreens, and my personal all time favorite is the Unseen Sunscreen). They are not cheap, but they are 100% worth it!


Great to throw in your purse — on the go.

My absolute favorite of all of them: Unseen Sunscreen.

Mousse — who knew? Lightweight and whipped!

You betcha — time to glow!


Since it is almost summer (countdown!), you can read more about the importance of sunscreen here: 101 on Sunscreen.  Happy Sunny Days! Do you have a favorite sunscreen product? If so, do share — would love to hear your thoughts.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Can’t wait to try this. I’m always looking for a better sunscreen and end up settling on Coppertone.

  2. My favorite sunscreen is the Coppertone Color block kids one from when I was a child. Nothing cooler than having purple skin.

  3. I adore the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Sunscreen because it smells like a pina colada. It’s very refreshing.

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