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Side view.

Although I like to change my wardrobe frequently, I never ever ever change my hairstyle. 100% of the time, my hair is back in a ponytail, bun or chignon. My mom even nicknamed me ‘Olive Oyl‘ like Popeye’s girlfriend, as her hair (and mine, too) is always back in a bun. What can I say, I like my hair up! Because it is always up, I am willing to invest in nice, beautiful hair clips.


This is my hair style EVERY SINGLE DAY OF EVERY SINGLE MONTH OF EVERY SINGLE YEAR. Non descript, messy, unoriginal bun.


And then I found the perfect ponytail clip from Sylvain Le Hen. The curved metal design is bold, simple, and a chic alternative to a rubber band. It adds a little glitter, sparkle, and added touch to your hair and outfit.


Packaging. French chic.

Packaging. French chic.

Love the french.

Love the french. Vive La France.




Backwards selfie. Let me tell you, this takes SKILL to take a backwards selfie.

Backwards selfie. Let me tell you, this takes SKILL.

Side view.

Side view.

Upside down, backwards selfie. Even harder to shoot.

Upside down, backwards selfie. Even harder.




This sculptural barrette has hand-mounted micro-screws and a metallic finish. It comes in rose gold, gold, and silver. I chose the rose gold as it is different and unique. To purchase, you can go to Steven Alan or Anaise. I love it — and is such a summery touch to a daily ensemble. I next want to buy this long skinny hair barrette. But first, I have to prove that I will wear my hair in a ponytail more frequently.


Back of heads.

Back of heads. And Natori (Feathers bra, obvi) bra strap.


Sylvain Le Hen has a wide range of barrettes — so check out the website, as well as stores around Paris! Of course, the barrettes and hair accessories are all made in France and are sold at stores including Colette and Bon Marche! Check them out — A bientot!

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  1. Cute hair clip!!! Always love a way to dress up a basic ponytail. It’s very chic! Love the rose gold.

  2. your backwards selfie comment was hilarious and also very correct – you must have gumbo arms!!!

  3. Woah, it’s totally weird seeing you with a ponytail! You look beautiful of course. You know I am right there with you. Bun, all day , every day.

    • Oh shucks, Midge. You should try ponytails too! Its the new bun.

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