Josie Natori’s Silver Bathroom

I continue to be smitten with my in-law’s Manhattan apartment. Every little nook and corner is specifically designed to get just the right look. The apartment has been featured in  Elle Decor, Traditional Home, and the New York Post. And yet in NONE of the articles, do they include pictures or even a mention of my favorite room in the apartment. Yes, while her closet is exquisite and pretty freaking incredible…. this random little powder room on the entertainment side of the apartment is my absolute favorite. You know it — a pretty special powder room!

Teeney tiny, but terrific.

Teeny tiny, but terrific.

One of my favorite parts of the bathroom is that its color and feel completely change depending on the light of day. Glowing, warm, metallic or cold, sparkly, silver.

The light.

The light. And its effects.

The sink with Natori soap -- coming out soon, so stay tuned!

The sink

A beam.

A beam. With the toilet flusher (the button).

Light fixture.

Light fixture.



Wall color.

Wall color without the light on

Corner piece.

Corner piece

I just love this room! And in complete Natori fashion, every detail is well thought out and beautiful.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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