Christmas 2012

Back in the saddle after Monday’s hiatus. It’s been a long week –  overly tired (baby Zoe is teething so no sleep for me), busy traveling (quick family-of-four trip to Florida), and gift wrapping (lots of presents), therefore had no time to write. I hope everyone had a super duper Christmas (and Hannukah earlier in the month!) We had a great night with my in-laws and family. Here are some highlights of Christmas Day Night with the Natoris!

holiday outfits

Holiday outfits.

pink tree

PINK TREE! Electric, neon, modern, cool, fresh, unique, and awesome!


Zoom in.

pink wreath

Pink wreath on the windows.


Baskets of white branches and pine cones. Surprisingly, Cruzzie had zero interest in playing with these.

white branches

More white branches.

Family of 4

The Josie-Girl family of four!


The Real Josie and her little grand-daughter star, Zoe.

opening presents

Opening presents with Gramps and Lola.


As always, a very chic and beautifully set dining table.


Romantic centerpiece of candles and orchids.


Pre-dinner caviar ans smoked salmon. HEAVEN.


I licked the bowl afterwards to make sure that not one single egg went to waste. Not joking.

buffet dinner

Buffet dinner. This was just half of the dinner. Everything was beautifully prepared, and delicious.

Isn’t it amazing how time flies? I can’t believe that a year has passed since our last Christmas celebration! Now, we need to clean up the Christmas decorations, pack for a week long ski trip to Oregon, and plan for the upcoming New Year! Happy end of the month and year! Hope everyone had a joyous and peaceful holiday!

P.S. Here are some pictures from our quick weekend trip to Florida! Next stop, OREGON!


Little girl lounging by the pool.

with a hat

Trying to eat everything and anything, including a hat.


Busy “swimming” aka playing with toys on the stairs of the pool.

papa and kids

Papa and kids swimming.

Miss universe

Future Miss Universe in the swimsuit shot.


Miss Universe in the Dress event.

palm trees

Palm trees swaying in the wind.

playground time

Playground time. Cruzzie trying to “help” Zoe crawl.


Walk time. Which of course, means a lot of rest time.

fist pump

Fist pump time! HOLLA!

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  1. Gorgeous pictures. Amazing decorations, but what else would you expect from Josie Natori?

    • She always has their apartment immaculately decorated. And this year, was no exception!

  2. I love the pink lights on the tree. Its elegant and gorgeous!!!
    Thank you for sharing the photos. The stores love it when I have photos to share of the Natori family. It makes them feel like they know you on a personal level.

    Happy Holidays!!

  3. A unique pink tree! It gives glow in the dark with pine cones…Like the photos of the family too.

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