Christmas with the Natoris

I cannot believe that Christmas is WAAAAAAYYYY over and it is almost 2012. Have to start thinking about my New Year’s Resolutions NOW! In the meantime, here are some photo highlights of our Christmas in NYC.


Check out this beauty of a Christmas Tree at my in-laws. So gorgeous and festive. And of course, elegant and exceptional.

We celebrated Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with Ken’s parents, family, and friends. The Natoris always decorate their place with such charm and uniqueness. And of course, as always, the food at their events is to-die-for.

Dinner Table

Christmas Eve Dinner Table.

Entry Way

The entry way of the apartment. Reminds me of Sweden.


Sparkle decorations were splattered throughout the apartment. Nothing better than some shine and glamour!

Close up of the dining room table.

Dinner was OUT OF THIS WORLD on Christmas Eve. The dinner was only 10 of us so it was an intimate and special gathering. We laughed and had a great time together.

First course: Lobster.

Oh man, the lobster was so delicious. If I could only have it NOW.


Second course: Black cod.

Christmas Day Dinner was a bigger event — more people, more food, more celebration.


We dressed Cruzzie, our son, up for Christmas Day.


Santa came and visited us! Of course, the only way to get a picture of Cruzzie was for Santa to sit behind him....

Family pic

The real Josie, The Josie Girl, and King Cruz

Overall, Christmas was a blast. I always love having a reason to eat good food, celebrate and all be together as a family! Hope everyone had a terrific holiday.  We are in Oregon now with my parents so stay tuned for some posts from my hometown!

— AYN, aka The Josie Girl

Josie Girl


  1. adorable pics. it looks lke you had a wonderful christmas celebration with your family. the food looks great!

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