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I know…I am spoiled. I mean, everyone who lives in NYC is spoiled because we have everything at our fingertips. 10 dollar manicure? Around the corner. Green smoothie? 1.5 blocks away. Korean? Ethiopian? Indian? Pizza? Either around the corner, or a few subway stops away at most. Dry-cleaning? Picked up and delivered. Literally, anything and everything is accessible in no time flat.

My latest discovery in terms of an affordable convenience at your fingertips is at-home tailoring! Her name is Rachel Jones and she rocks.


Meet Rachel Jones. Cutie-pa-tootie, tailor extraordinaire!

I know, totally spoiled. But in all seriousness, her prices are just the same as the dry-cleaning place around the corner (where you undress timidly with a sheet wrapped around you and you really never know what you are going to get)… and she comes to your home. Yep, you email her, make an appointment, and voila she is there, fits your clothes, and is on her way!  You get them back perfectly tailored in the next few days. Ideal, right? It’s the same price as trekking to your dry cleaner or tailor with better results.

Not only is Rachel a top notch seamstress, but she herself is fashionable, and is also a current fashion design student at FIT. As a result, she has a good eye and knows exactly what to do without your input. There is no questioning, because she knows best. She has been doing this job on the side for the past 2.5 years, since she started school, in hopes of someday becoming a designer or assistant designer after she graduates. She was an intern at Chris Benz in production and then she was hired part time as a production assistant AND then did *all* of the tailoring for his Spring and Fall 2011 shows. Amazing, right?

Chris Benz Spring 2011

Chris Benz Spring 2011. One of the many looks down the runway that was man-handled by Rachel herself!

Not only are the clothes tailored to perfection, but her presence and vibe are so positive that you just want to keep her and put her in your pocket. She is professional, yet personable, quirky, fun, and cute as a button. Rachel tailors everything from high-end designs to simple pairs of pants.


Hard at work!

And she can put her spin on anything too, if that is what you want. Last summer, I asked her to change the hem of a dress and make it slightly more dramatic, and she convinced me that it was best to make it super dramatic and really short in front, and long in back. I didn’t second guess her for a second (she is way cooler than me) and I ended up loving the dress and wanting to wear it every other day.

pink pants

Men and women alike love Rachel and her work!

So trust me, if you need a good tailor and live in Manhattan, e-mail Rachel at, and you will never go back to having your clothes tailored at a store.

Until Wednesday, have a great start to the week! HAPPY MLK DAY!

— AYN, a.k.a, The Josie Girl

Josie Girl


  1. definitely seems convenient.
    tailoring at new york city dry cleaners must be expensive!
    but it must be convenient to do this at home.

  2. Rachel looks fantastic! Bummer I live in Nashville… any chance she would fly down? ha ha… Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Thanks for the sharing this i like it very much. Today you will find numerous styles of trousers for men. However, there are two primary styles which the trouser tailor creates nowadays. First one is the pleated trousers, and another one is flat front trouser.

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