Golden Globes Dresses

If you didn’t see the Golden Globes on Sunday, I am sure you have since looked at all the pictures online. I did both. Multiple times and multiple sites. What is more glamorous and fairy-tale inspiring than oogling at beautiful celebrities dressed to the nines in only fairytale dresses? I care more about the dresses and outfit composition, than the movies and actors. But, who doesn’t?

Here are my top five dresses in order from 1-5.

Top choice: Emma Stone. First of all, I am in love with her. LOVE her. Loved her in “The Help” and even more so in “Crazy Stupid Love.” She is my girl crush. So refreshing, honest, quirky, cute, beautiful, and unique. LOVE her. So it was no surprise when she wore an ensemble that made me jealous/happy/in awe. The eggplant Lanvin plunge neckline fit her so beautifully and made her eyes and hair color pop. LOVE. SWOON. GASP.

Emma Stone

Emma reminds me of a beautiful cat.

2. I love Reese Witherspoon as a person (we are sooo tight… jk) and I love her fashion choices. One day she is a sexy real life Barbie doll (like on Sunday night) and the next, she is in jeans and a hoodie. She appears so real and so normal, so when she wore the Zac Posen red va-va-voom sweetheart neck Barbie doll prom dress, she looked even more special. She knows how to dress up and down, and looks fabulous in anything. Only in my dreams could I wear an outfit this hot, because really, I have no boobs.


So confident and happy! Love the classic sweetheart neckline and Barbie doll look.

3. Salma Hayek. Not my favorite actress or celebrity crush, but loved her in the Black and Gold metallic beaded Gucci dress. Geometric, boobylicious, superb fit. Utterly (hee hee) perfect.


Modern day Cleopatra.

4. Nicole Richie. If I could have anyone’s wardrobe in Hollywood, it would be Nicole Richie’s. Or Rachel Bilson’s. But Nicole is my style dream. She knows how to rock any piece and own the look. This silver Julien Macdonald was fun, glamorous, and modern. I loved the way she paired the look with a high ponytail, an armload of bangles, and dark eyeliner. Now, I want to buy the Natori Mukizu dress, as they are very similar in look, shimmer, and shine!


Silver statue.

5. Julianne Moore. I hope that when I am 51 years old, I will look as good as she does. HELL, I hope when I am 35, I will look half as good as she does. First of all, she looks happy and content with life, and when you have that inner happiness, it always shows through on the outside. She sincerely seems happy, and is even more beautiful because of that. And how can you not love her coloring and striking hair??? In terms of her fashion sense, she always pushes the envelope and is a style queen. Remember last year’s Lanvin dress at the Golden Globes? My top choice last year….And this year, she was a stunner in the black-tiered-Chanel-layered dress. WOWZER.


Rocking that body!

So many dresses to lust after! Now only if I had a special event to attend before I become a bigger, pregnant whale…..what dresses were your favorites?

Until Friday, have a great rest of the week!

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl.

Josie Girl


  1. I am a HUGE fan of Reese too. She seems like a real person (as much as a hollywood celebrity can). Julianne Moore seems great too. I liked her dress (but the bottom more than the top).

    • Could not agree with you more… I have always been a fan of Reese since her Legally Blonde days. It was her charitable work, like going to New Orleans and helping with hurricane Katrina, racing for the cure for breast cancer awareness and supporting children and education that really made me admire her as a person. She is a star inside and out!

  2. Emma Stone has great style! I still can’t get over her fabulous color block outfit… the tulip skirt and red blouse she wore to Friends with Benefits during the summer. Simply amazing…

  3. LOVE love Emma Stone! That color was perfect! What did you think of Lea Michele’s?…she was my top pick!

    • HMMMM….too much cut-out and ornate details for me! That said, she looked hot — just not my style. 🙂

  4. Julianne Moore gets my vote. The earrings make her complexion and hair color pop. Great post, didnt get a chance to watch..this caught me up!!

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