Olympics 2012 Tees

olympicReaders of the blog know that I am (a) a huge geek and (b) a sucker for any non-baseball/football/basketball/hockey/golf sporting events. So, the Summer Olympics is my dream. I love it. Like, for reals, love it. I first became obsessed with the Olympics back in 1988 when my friend Margaret and I would cut out every article in our local paper (The Register Guard) that dealt with our favorite stars. We were both thoroughly obsessed with Carl Lewis and Greg Louganis. Even after the Olympics were over, we could not get over it and watched on REPEAT the Highlights of the Summer Olympics 1988 on VHS over and over and over again. The biggest events that year were Ben Johnson losing the gold medal due to steroid use and Greg Louganis hitting his head on the diving board. These memories are crystal clear in my mind and I can still hear the announcer reacting to these huge, life changing events.

88 highlights

I so wish that I had a picture of me and Margaret watching the VHS highlights. It would be so awesome -- braces, mullets, perm, cut off jeans. So unbelievably cool.

After 1988, I still loved the Olympics, but was never able to follow them quite as passionately. Up until now. For some reason, I am so terribly excited about the Olympics this year (it starts in 2 days!!!) and can’t wait to spend each and every evening in the TV room rooting and cheering for different people. What sounds better than watching the Olympics with my family? I am PUMPED TO THE MAX.

So what do you do when you want to get excited for the Olympics? You buy Olympic tees, obviously. At GAP, duh. Best money spent all summer. Here are the shirts — run, don’t walk, to get them for you, your friends, your kids, your husband, and your boss.


When you wear Olympic tees, you have to do something athletic. Unless you want to look somewhat like a tool. So, Cruzzie and I were Olympic athletes and climbed the Butte, with a sweat band a la head, obvi.

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