Sprouting is the practice of germinating seeds that can then be eaten raw or cooked. Sprouts are extremely healthy and rawists, vegans, omnivores, and carnivores all love them. Growing sprouts at home is becoming more and more trendy.  According to my mother, “Sprouting is very popular with the young generation.”

Grocery stores (healthy ones) sell sprouting tools and seeds that allow one to germinate sprouts at home. The process is quite simple and just takes time and water. And then after the germinating process is done, you have a lot A LOT of sprouts that you need to eat– which is great and healthy!  Long story short, you place the seeds with water in a sprouting vessel and let them sit for several days at room temperature, rinsing them every so often with water. And voila, sprouts.

Sprouts are incredibly nutritious and contain lots of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and enzymes.  Sprouts also deliver these nutrients in a form that is easily digested and assimilated.  In fact, they improve the efficiency of digestion. Sprouts are also deliciously fresh and colorful and add a great crunch and speckle of color to any dish!

sprout containers

The sprout mixes come in little tiny packets, making them easy to store and keep on hand.

This past weekend, I was given a lesson by my ever-so-smart mother on how to sprout. We sprouted three different types of sprouts, using three different types of vessels. Each sprout is fairly different and the three different containers can be used with any type of sprout. We just used different ones in order for me to have a solid lesson! We used a mason jar, a bag, and a tray (each are built specifically to grow sprouts).

3 types

The three different sprouts soaking up water.


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