Until recently, my music listening set-up in our apartment was less than ideal.  We have Sonos set up, but for whatever reason, we rarely use it, and when we do it is to listen to NPR.  So like a college student, I basically only listened to music on my iPod and through computer speakers.  But no longer, now that I have JAMBOX!  Not fancy enough to have a built-in speaker system, but too old to not have speakers, I have found the perfect middle ground, with this tiny, amazing, innovative, and hip speaker system (thanks for the gift, brother and sister in law!)

big vs lil

Jambox comes in two different sizes; big and little. Both use the same wireless technology and have a deep, rich sound!

It is like a modern day ghetto-blaster! WHAT UP!



Even the packaging is ultra-chic, modern, and fresh.

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