Name Origins

The derivations of the names in our family range from mainstream to uniquely odd. Just ‘cuz, here is an explanation.


Family of four: Kenneth Cruz, Anika Yael, Cruz Kai, and Zoe Esther.

Kenneth Edwin Felipe Cruz

Kenneth Cruz Natori

Kenneth Edwin Felipe Cruz Natori

Background of ‘Kenneth’: Ken’s dad is the original Ken Natori, and thus wanted to have his son be a junior. However, Ken is not technically a junior since he has different middle name(s).

Meaning of ‘Kenneth’: Fire born, good looking (damn straight!)

Background of ‘Edwin’: Ken’s paternal grandfather’s name

Background of ‘Felipe’: Ken’s maternal grandfather’s name

Background of ‘Cruz’: Cruz, a Spanish name, is Ken’s mom (Josie Natori)’s maiden name. It is the Filipino tradition to have a mother’s maiden name as a middle name.

Meaning of ‘Cruz’: Cross.

When Ken got confirmed, he decided to drop the “Edwin Felipe” for simplicity sake (and because his friends made fun of him for having 19 names).  So in addition to there being two Ken Natori’s (Ken’s dad and him), Ken’s documents identify him as everything from Kenneth E F Natori to Kenneth C Natori to Kenneth E F C Natori.  His advice: if you want to simplify your children’s lives, don’t give them 12 middle names.  And if you have 12 middle names, be aware that changing them can be a hassle.  

Nicknames: Ken, Kenny, Babers

Anika Yael


Anika Yael Natori

Background of ‘Anika’: Anika is a Swedish name that my parents liked as they met and got married in Sweden in the late 60s. Although technically my first name, people generally call me by my middle name.

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