Where Should We Begin?

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had a great and restful holiday season! ….and here we are, 2022! so….Where Should We Begin?


but first….this! Isn’t this so funny and SO true! I think this is the reason I am not doing New Year’s Resolutions. This is just too funny and so true.

OK, so here we are. The New Year! Over break, I decided to purchase a game that a friend had told me about and raved about it for a family bonding experience. So I did it, because this friend is always right — fashion, games, LIFE! And sure enough, I love this game! And yes, who knew that after years of bonding due to the pandemic, that we still had untold stories that we could share with everyone?


Where Should We Begin? HERE!

My daughter loves playing UNO, so it was rather difficult to convince her to play a game that didnt involve UNO.

The instructions — basically, it is cards prompted to share.

My kids first thought that this game was “cringey” and unneccessary. But in the end, they loved hearing stories and connecting with us all.

Our cards.




I highly recommend this box of questions and the chance to share and connect. To buy, go here. A perfect way to start the New Year! In the meantime, my computer broke, and all apple genius bars are closed in NYC due to the uptick of COVID cases, so I am struggling a little without a computer. That said, back to regular programming, and I will be posting the normal schedule….just wanted to #share.


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