Homemade Coasters

Recently, I have been on a needlepoint kick. I can’t stop! I can sit there for hours, just needlepointing. It is relaxing, at the same time as being stressful. But in the end, I love the enjoyment of creating something from scratch. In the past two months, I have thoroughly enjoyed making a series of “duds” and “dudes,” and then making them in to coasters. I made each bit of them by hand — they look it, too — but I secretly love the organic, roughness of it. You can tell that someone made them, and I love that part of it. So now, we have fun and wacky new coasters for our home — I just need to have a party (thanks, COVID!)


This is my little nook, where I spent a big portion of the day…..

Once I was finished with the needlepoint section, I would then cut it out.

You have to put some fray glue on it so it doesn’t fray…..clear nail polish also works (#HACK)

I then found some felt (in my daughter’s arts and crafts cabinets) and glued it on

Then, I whipstiched it together!

My set of 8 men — 4 duds, and 3 dudes (I have yet to finish — or start — the fourth one, but I needed a little break)….

The backs. Yes, very organic and homemade looking…..

Back and front together.


My stack of coasters.

Makes me happy. This pile of coasters is HUNDREDS OF HOURS of work….


So what’s my next project? If you have any great needlepoint canvas websites or ideas of a new art and craft project to learn, would love to hear your thoughts!

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