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Since fresh flowers are one of the things that bring me joy, I decided that this year, I would make my way down to the Flower District in NYC (28th Street, between 6th and 7th Avenues) on a weekly basis. Ever since I made that commitment (to myself), I have gone every. single. Monday. Literally, rain or shine, I figure out a way to pack it in to my schedule. I have walked there, taken cabs, or most often, I run there. I love this adventure so much — not just because I get the freshest of fresh flowers at a great cost, but also, because I get to meet new people and see the city. I now have a guy at my flower shop and he knows I come every week, so he always tells me what is the freshest and even gives me discounts. These small little interactions, and the fresh blooms, are what keep me going — pandemic, gloomy weather, remote learning, feelings of isolation, nothing to do — it’s the little things that make the big difference.


This past Monday, it was SOOOO rainy and dark. But, nothing stopped me.

Times Square. I am not sure I LOVE OOOHHH means, but I like it. I love you, too.

There are so many different stores, and after a lot of trial and error, I figured out which one I liked the best. Truth be told, it had the most selection, best prices, and the guy (MY guy) was so helpful and warm and honest telling me which were the best, etc….


So many flowers. Now, first thing I do is find my guy, ask him what will last the week, what is freshest, and he takes me around.

Isn’t it so pretty?

So many options.

What I came home with….

I fill the house up with fresh flowers. Especially now that I am at home ALL THE TIME, it makes it feel so much lighter.

On the dining room table.

Entry hall table.


I know that not every city has a flower district, but if your city DOES in fact have one, I recommend finding a store, making a relationship, and going every week. You cannot compare the prices between flower district stems and those from a floral shop — it is night and day. Little pick me ups!

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