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Our new puppy, Stevie, needed a haircut for the first time last week, so I was introduced to the mobile spa, Hair of the Dog, by a fellow dog owner. This female owned small business is literally an RV that comes to YOU and does the trim / nails / teeth in the RV in front of the apartment. Not only is it super convenient, but the employees are extremely kind. We will definitely return to them for Stevie’s next haircut. And I highly recommend this company if you (a) live in NYC (b) want to support small businesses and (c) want a great experience for your animal.


They text you when they are five minutes away and they parked half a block from us.

It is only one animal at a time, so Stevie had the whole RV to herself. The whole spa treatment took almost an hour.

This is a before shot. Stevie couldn’t see….

And this is after. I told them I wanted the hair to be kept shaggy, so they did that. It was very fluffy (blow out) at first and she looked a little too poodle like, but we were happy nonetheless.

The kids love her.

This is a shot from during the makeover.

After the puffy hair settled….

Their instagram. @Hairoftheodogpetspa


To schedule an appointment,  just send them an email or text, and they promptly respond with some appointment times. Happy week!

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