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During the summer, not only does my life slow down a lot, but so does my brain. Life is very simple in Oregon with no work obligations, few friends, no errands, and just time to rest and relax. I hope you’re also finding some relaxation during these summer months! Here is what I am currently loving this July!


1. Christine and the Queens: Doesn’t Matter


French Pop sensation, Christine and the Queens, and her latest single, “Doesn’t Matter.” Everything about the song makes me smile and dance. I hope you like it as much as I do!

2. Banjanan Dress


One of my favorite designers is Banjanan — it is boho, flowy, and oh so summery. And of course, anytime one of my favorite designers has a kids collection, I have to buy it. I bought this dress for Toosh for our travels and it was a hit. Love it.


3. Veja shoes


I die for these shoes on Tusia. I think she looks great in them…..


I own two pairs of these Parisian shoes and love them so much. They are the new Stan Smiths in NYC with everyone wearing them, and although I generally dislike wearing what everyone else wears, I love them so much. They are comfortable, versatile, and oh-so-French. Plus they make kids’ shoes too, and they look so cute!


4. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen


In addition to the actual product, I love the name. SUPERGOOP!


Supergoop is by far my favorite sunscreen. It goes on clear and you can barely tell you have it on because it is unseen (hence the name). It doesn’t leave a white residue, is not overly oily, and has the perfect texture. A must have for summer.


5. Daphne’s Diary


Arts, crafts, recipes, and inspiration. Everything in one!


Once upon a time, I subscribed to two dozen magazines. Reading them was one of my daily highlights. But now that most magazines are either dead or have no content, I barely read them. However, my mom subscribes to Daphne’s Diary and it is full of inspiration, recipes, style, and fun. Daphne’s Diary is like going back in time when magazines were high quality and took hours to devour. This is a great magazine as a gift or simply for yourself.


There you have it, what I am currently loving in July! We are headed tomorrow to Orcas Island (part of the San Juan Islands) via Seattle, where we will be for the next week. Until then, have a great week!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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