Election 2016

I can’t.  I’m sorry.  Here’s Ken to kill space.



As many of you know, these are our kids.  Japanese-Filipino-Polish-Mexican-Catholic-Jewish bundles of love.  Three of their four grandparents are immigrants (and the one who isn’t is third-generation Japanese-American, born in an internment camp during World War II).


I used to think they represented America.  I now realize that a lot of America doesn’t see it that way.



We can be angry, disappointed, and dismissive.  Or we can be grateful that we now know the truth about our country, and can live our lives in reality instead of a bubble.  We have no choice but to do the latter.


I’m trying to find positives:


I hope that this election will motivate more smart people to get involved in politics.


I hope that DT’s inevitable failure to deliver on the promises he made (and probably never thought he would be challenged to fulfill) will teach our country a lesson for decades to come.


I hope increased compassion from most can overcome increased hostility from others.


Absent that, we will focus on our family, which is all we can control.


Josie Girl


  1. They do represent America. They represent all that is beautiful and good about this country.

  2. Your children are beautiful and represent the best of us, Don’t ever let anyone cause you to doubt this for a second. Your children and families like yours are the future not just for America but for all humankind. With patience and diligence we will see that future realized.

  3. I couldn’t agree more. Here’s my to do list for the week: meditate, connect with someone who is different from me, show visible signs of compsssion and courtesy to others, cry, create something (I’m working on an election playlist), be raw, hug people, call friends and family. Like all times where your view of the world is shaken, there are no greater blessings than the people in your life, including you. Xo

  4. I am so profoundly disappointed in people. I am sad and scared for our country and the world. But I am trying to be hopeful that this shock will mobilize a positive backlash of good. #lovetrumpshate

  5. They represent the best of America. Your words are beautiful and much needed. Thanks! And your cotton pjs are the BEST.

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