I’m back from a whirlwind mother-son-Paris-adventure with Cruzzie, and I am more tired, jet-lagged, exhausted, and yet more full, cultured, and educated than I ever knew was possible. Who knew that a trip to Paris with a 6.5 year old would be so difficult and yet so rewarding! Currently, I feel like I could write a book (a best selling book, too!) about what to do in Paris with children….and I *also* feel like I could pass out from being up for 40 hours straight-and-traveling-across-the-Altantic-WITH-child. So come back on Wednesday for a 5 day guide for Parent-Child-trips-to-Paris, and until then….


Paris Guide Coming to the JGB soon!

Paris Guide Coming to the JGB soon!

1) Highly Recommend Movie: How To Be Single


Funny and sad; the perfect combination.

Funny and sad; the perfect combination.


I didn’t know what to expect when I turned this movie on during the flight (not appropriate for my traveling partner), but I laughed out loud, and also sobbed repeatedly. I really, shockingly, enjoyed this movie. It is by no means Oscar-worthy, but I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it. Highly recommend.


2) Highly Recommend Book: Modern Lovers





I started this book mid-flight and despite my intense exhaustion, I couldn’t put it down. I love the flow, the non-chick-lit chickness of it, and the reality of it all. I can’t wait to finish it (but then that also means finding another book that is just as good!)


3) Highly Jealous of: The White Asparagus in Paris


I am also jealous of the strawberries.....

I am also jealous of the strawberries…..


I don’t usually eat asparagus….actually I usually despise it….but somehow, I have started to eat and appreciate the delicacy of white asparagus. And best of all, the white asparagus in Paris. Wish we had this Parisian bodega on our corner.


4) Highly LOL moment: The Vending Machines in Paris


Kitkat or speedo?

Kitkat or speedo?


We spent a day with my French exchange family (I went to a French immersion school growing up and I still keep in close touch with the family).  They took us to a swimming pool, which required Speedos for all of the swimmers (for hygienic purposes). Which, yup, were sold in an awesome vending machine.


5) Highly Recommend Lipstick: Chanel Rouge Coco Stylo


FAAAAANCY #DamnDaniel #RedLipsZaraTee

FAAAAANCY #DamnDaniel #RedLipsZaraTee


Yes, yes, Cruzzie and I had a lot of bonding time together in Paris, and one memorable night was our fancy date night at L’Avenue. But, my fancy dress-up attire was simply the same clothes I had worn all day with a red lip. Made me super fancy. So therefore, I highly recommend this lipstick (also beyond love the feel and smoothness of it!).



Ok, all, have a great week! I hope to sleep and get back to NYC time..a bientot.

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  1. My husband and I are taking our 4 year old to Paris in July. Looking forward to Wednesday’s post!

  2. Aww looks like you guys had a blast in Paris! Cruz is a lucky boy. Also, so funny about the Speedo vending machines. Never seen something like that before! Paris is amazing!

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