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Before I get to the post, one quick note: my fabulous mother-in-law Josie Natori will be on HSN launching N Natori Ready-to-Wear and selling exclusive N Natori loungewear styles.  Be sure to tune in!  Times:

Tuesday, 10/29:




The collection is actually already available online at here.  Happy shopping! On to the post!

As a compulsive organizer, I rely and *need* to write down and organize my thoughts. Jotting down my errands, tasks (and yes, I do write “Take a shower” on my to-do-list) is an essential part of my day. And not just on any type of paper, but on pads and posts from Knock Knock.


HALLELUJAH! Thank goodness for all these tools!

Knock Knock Stuff was founded in 2002, with the mission to create witty, design-driven gift products, books, and more. And that they sure did! Everything they create is unique, smart, practical, useful, and fun.  Here are my current favorite Knock Knock items:


My essentials.

My essentials. Simply, can’t live without. Hallelujah!

Sticky Notes

Post its.

Post its. Perfect for little bits of information to remember or to put on your husband’s briefcase.

This week Pad

Can't live without.

God’s gift to organization.

Money Receiptables

Receipt organizer!

Receipt organizer! Tax-return receipts! Money saver!



Thanks to Knock Knock products, my life is much more sane and neatly organized. To look at all their products, go here. They also have great gifts, so check them out! Have a fabulous week.

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Will definitely be tuning in to see Josie Natori and the collection! I’m sure it will be AMAZING! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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