Lemon Ginger Tea

I am sick. Sick of being sick, too. My head throbs, my ears ring, my nose runs, and my throat burns. Yes, cry me a river — I hear the violins loud and clear — but being sick is the worst. Nothing tastes good, everything is melodramatic, and I am boring and un-fun. The only thing I feel good about is my ability to make and drink lemon ginger tea.


For whatever reason, we have about 3 dozen different types of cups. No surprise, I am very specific about what size cups I like to use, and for what type of liquid/food. Coffee cups need to be mid size, tea cups are slender, and big cups are for ice cream and cereal. Handles are preferable.

Ginger is known for its magical characteristics that make it a natural remedy for many ailments. It is well known as a remedy for travel sickness, nausea and indigestion (I chewed on ginger chews daily while pregnant to help curb my morning sickness). It is a warming remedy, ideal for boosting the circulation and lowering high blood pressure. Ginger is anti-viral and makes a warming cold and flu remedy.  Due to the spicy flavor and warming qualities of ginger, making a lemon ginger tea is perfect for a cold. Both lemons and ginger are high in vitamin C and together, they temporarily relieve sinus pressure, a burning sore throat, and can temper coughing.


I happen to LOVE ginger. The spicy and dense flavor tastes good in sweet or savory foods!

Lemon ginger tea is super easy to make. It is like eating a head of kale; it just feels healthy and good.  There is also something calming and healing about the act of making a hot drink, too. It is like sitting next to a blazing fire with a good book.


What did the lemon say to the lime? Sour you doing?

Ingredients to make a BIG POT of tea to drink A LOT of for SEVERAL DAYS:


* juice from 3 lemons

* 1/2 cup of honey (more if you want sweeter, less if you want more tart)

* A pot full of water

* 1 peeled and sliced ginger root


* Place the peeled and sliced ginger into a pot of water

chopped ginger


* Add lemon juice and honey

* Boil all together for 30 minutes to an hour


Murky tea. You don't drink or eat the ginger.

* DRINK. I store the tea in the fridge and every time I need more, I simply refill my cup, microwave it and have fresh tea!


Pitcher of goodness.


These cups are some of my favorite. My mom, an avid knitter, likes anything with sheep (wool) so we have a lot of sheep items everywhere, including these cups.

The truth is I don’t know HOW well the ginger is working. I mean, I like to think it is working, but I don’t know if it actually is. I still feel lousy…..but the lemon ginger tea is calming, hydrating, and delicious. The bottom line is that it forces me to drink liquids, which I know helps with a cold.

Does anyone have remedies or suggestions on how to cure a nasty cold? Would love to hear! Have a great week! And don’t catch my cold!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. I have made something like this before, and it is great for a cold. hope you feel better!

  2. My husband, 17 month old daughter and I are all fighting a cold! This is a great recipe 🙂
    I just read your “about” section and saw a picture of your cute son. He reminded me of my daughter who also has dark brown almond shaped eyes and blond hair! She throws me off when I see her and I in pics sometimes. I am half filipino and my husband is french/scottish etc.. Hope you get better!

    • I hope you and your family get better! Try this recipe and let me know what you think! And dont you think that part asian kids are the cutest? Dark almond eyes and blonde hair is the best! Feel better and thanks for writing!

  3. I think I’ll make it tonight and let you know:) Another remedy I use when fighting colds is to eat lots of garlic! Last night we made a red pepper/butternut squash soup. 6 cloves of fresh chopped garlic was added as a garnish. Garlic has a natural chemical called allicin that is released when chopped, minced or chewed. It fights against bacteria !
    I try to eat a lot of it (uncooked) when I feel sickness coming on.

    • How did it turn out? And thanks for the garlic tip — if only my stomach could handle the garlic!

  4. I am going to try this tonight. I am also fighting off the plague, in my 2nd week now. I have been hammering down the CVS pineapple pedialyte mixed with orange G2 Gatorade, water, and that Celestial Seasonings vanilla sleepytime tea, and trying to sleep as much as I can. I don’t have kids to tend to, which in this case is a good thing since I am generally worthless otherwise, and I have not been this exhausted and generally worthless in a while. This is my first day back to work in a week. I came down with it last Tuesday, while in line to vote. I must have sounded like a nut at the polling place, but I voted, and promptly went home to pass back out.

  5. Ginger produces a hot, fragrant kitchen spice.[5] Young ginger rhizomes are juicy and fleshy with a very mild taste. They are often pickled in vinegar or sherry as a snack or just cooked as an ingredient in many dishes. They can also be steeped in boiling water to make ginger tea, to which honey is often added; sliced orange or lemon fruit may also be added. Ginger can also be made into candy, or ginger wine which has been made commercially since 1740.`

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