Braids for Special Occasions

I wear my hair EVERY SINGLE DAY of the year — 365 days — in a bun. I have long hair but I hate wearing it down (my mom complains about this every time I see her) as it gets in my way, frizzes, poofs out, looks like a lion’s mane and is way too much to handle. So chignon day in and day out, it is! Some days, depending on my mood and the weather, I will wear a top-bun or a super-high-bun, or a low-bun, or a to the side-bun, or even braid the front part of my hair and then have it in a back-bun. Creative, huh?

For special occasions, lots of people have blow-outs and have their hair tamed and look all pretty, but for me, my hair down would last 20 minutes and then it would eventually make itself up into an-ever-so-original-chignon. So, this past weekend when I had had a special event to attend and wanted to look as good as I could as a-mother-to-be-whale, I thought having my hair look pretty would be a great pick me up.

Enter the “Braid Bar” — a service in NYC’s John Barrett Salon (The John Barrett Salon) that specializes in fancy braids. I went there for the first time this past Saturday afternoon, and can not wait to go again. It was quick, easy, fun, and different! I was literally in and out of the salon in 15 minutes (no joke) and it lasted all day and night. The hairdo was much more original than my normal hair and made me feel “special” for this “special event.”

Front view

Front view

One side -- two braids!


Other side -- one braid!

braided bun

Braided bun!

close up

Close up

Mind you, like everything else in Manhattan, it is not cheap ($45), but as far as I am concerned, a day and night to feel pretty as I get more and more pregnant is worth every penny. Every cent.

So if you have an event to go to and want to try something different, make an appointment at John Barrett. Great service and results.  The John Barrett salon is located upstairs at Bergdorf Goodman (59th and 5th)!

Have a great start to March!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

Josie Girl


  1. Love this! found your blog through my girl @whatsupelle.. you guys need to get your hapa babies together. tooo cute.

  2. Yaelita, that’s some ‘do! It’s so pretty on you that if you alternate it with your natural hair down (even prettier), I think your mother would not complain … Love,

  3. LOVE your braided updo! I have always been a fan of this look since I saw Blake Lively sporting it at the BAFTA Brits To Watch event. You look amazing!!

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