Last Minute Gift Idea

OK. So I know I harp on this a lot. But it is cold in the Northeast. And it is getting colder! I LOVE getting gifts that help me stay warm… and the below is probably one of my faves.

Fingerless gloves

Warm, fuzzy, hip, young, practical.

This set of fingerless arm warmer gloves has been a godsend.  They keep my hands AND arms warm, and the fingerless feature allows me to text and use my iPhone when I am walking around and driving (just kidding on the driving part).  I think they look kind of cool too!

Thumbs up!

Awesome DUDE!

The pair I got last year is no longer available, but there are similar versions at the below sites.  If you have friends who are cold-weather wimps like me, I can promise they will love them!

DKYN arm warmers


Made from soft melange alpaca, sold for $75, and comes in black.

Shopbop Fingerless Long Gloves


Made of 70% wool/30% cashmere, sold for $50, comes in black and dark heather gray.

Jcrew Ribbed Glovettes


Made of a cashmere/wool/nylon blend, sold for $19.99, comes in black and heather gray.

Stay warm!

— AYN, aka The Josie Girl

P.S. I know all of these gloves look exactly the same, but they are three different materials, price points, and companies. I love the jcrew price, but feel that the alpaca wool would be the warmest….

Josie Girl


  1. Have something similar and LOVE them. finger exposure is key for multi-tasking (and texting while driving.. jk/ha ha)

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