Kale Chips

KaleI am obsessed with kale. As is everyone right now. It is so a la mode and in fashion. But honestly, kale rocks. My husband, Ken, doesn’t love vegetables and I have to force feed him greens every night for dinner. But with kale, he actually likes it. So much, that he considered the name “Kale” for our son (I don’t think he actually wanted to name our firstborn after a vegetable. I think he just liked how it sounds.  But whatevs, it is a good story). There are so many recipes that I love to make with kale: kale carrot avocado sesame salad, kale added to any soup at the last minute (chili, butternut squash soup, broccoli soup, really any soup), sauteed kale added to quesadillas, steamed kale added to chicken enchiladas, and my favorite, kale chips.


Kale chips are such an easy snack to prepare and are not only delicious, but healthy too. Super simple. And you can eat a whole head of kale in one sitting….better than eating a whole bag of chips.

Kale Chips

Ingredients: one head of kale, sea salt, olive oil.

Ingredients for Kale Chips

Simple snack made with just three ingredients!

Directions: Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Then, wash the kale, rip the leaves off of the stems and the ribs.


You can use either type of Kale -- curly or straight. Both have similar results once they are baked.

Place evenly distributed on two baking sheets (I put one head of kale on two sheets).

Kale on sheet

Once the kale is washed, tear into big bits away from the stem and the ribs. Baking sheets do not need to be greased as you will add olive oil once the kale is spread out on sheet.

Sprinkle olive oil and sea salt on top of the kale. Mix it so it covers all portions of the kale. Place in the oven.


Kale placed in the oven. Leave in for 20-30 minutes, flipping and rotating half way through.

Cook for 30 minutes. And voila, YUMMMMMMMMM.


Final product. Kale chips.

I swear that even though these kale chips do not look that appetizing, they really are delicious. Trust me. Try them.

Enjoy! For my kale loving friends (you know who you are), send me some of your favorite kale-based recipes! Until Monday, have a great weekend!

— AYN, aka the Josie Girl

Josie Girl


  1. these are delish. i do this all the time. just be careful not to overcook. burnt kale is not good. love this blog. great mix of fashion and real life. keep it up!!

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