The Coveteur / The Beckermans

So apparently, I am one of the last people on this planet to find out about the Beckerman sisters….but better late than never, because now I have a new blog to obsess ever! The Beckermans are three (yes THREE) stylish, sassy, blonde sisters. Almost four years ago, they started blogging their outfits online and instantly became a hit — so much so that they have teamed up with major brands (Nine West, Juicy Couture, H&M, etc…) for collaborations.


Two of the three Beckerman Babes!

The trio, Caillianne (love the name!), Samantha, and Chloe, chronicle their outfits on the blog with their wit, humor, and style. So who better than The Coveteur to take a look inside their closet to see their flea-market finds and designer gems! Here are exclusive photos of the Beckermans a la Coveteur style!


Shoes, patterns, colors, textures, fun fun fun and more fun.


Why hello there, little pooch with a hat and a banana and sunglasses.

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The Coveteur / Alaia Rose

Here is a sneak peak into The Coveteur‘s examination of the COOLEST, HIPPEST wardrobe in the USA!  And this wardrobe just happens to be that of a two year old. I know, JEALOUS! Everything that she has, I want. Not for baby Zoe, but for me! ADULT SIZE, please! (In case you didn’t read Tuesday’s post on Aimee Song, I am honored to have been selected by The Coveteur to participate in the Glambassador program, which will give me exclusive access to pictures of articles before they post.. Very excited!).

bunny ears

How flipping cute is Alaia? In the bunny ears? LOVE.

Alaia Rose, yes, is a toddler. A toddler with an extremely expensive wardrobe.


Are you for real? Who knew?

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The Coveteur / Song of Style

I am so excited to have been selected by The Coveteur, one of my favorite websites, to be part of their new Glambassador Program.  As you know, The Coveteur is an amazing site that takes readers inside the homes and closets of today’s tastemakers.  As part of their Glambassador program, I will be getting exclusive pictures from some of their upcoming posts, so be sure to check in often.

First sneak preview: Aimee Song, the blogger behind the uber-successful blog, Song of Style, and an inspiration to bloggers everywhere.  Check out some of the pictures that will be in tomorrow’s article, and be sure to keep checking The Coveteur for the full post!

Aimee Song. The style and brains behind Song of Style.

To die for shoe closet.

Everything you need. Artsy.

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