“Ice Cream”

Here I go again with another one of my weird concoctions. And once again, trust me…it is delicious. Ice cream — but made with (shocker) NO MILK, NO DAIRY, NO ADDED SUGAR (minus chocolate bits), NO GUILT.

Warning: You have to like baby food and/or mushy textures to really enjoy this recipe. Otherwise, you will hate this. Stating the obvious, but you also have to like bananas. Finally, as delicious as this is, it is not really ice cream. I am just saying…..



All three of these items are always in the kitchen, so this treat makes an easy go to snack!

* 2 frozen bananas

* Several splashes of almond/soy/coconut/rice milk

* some added party favors: chocolate bits, fresh fruit, chocolate sauce… ┬áthe world is your oyster.


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