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One of my favorite books from last summer was Normal People by Irish author Sally Rooney. I loved it – a coming of age story following two people weaving in and out of their lives, trying to figure out who they are together and apart. It was a memorable book and I devoured in days. So when the book was produced as a TV series on Hulu, I knew that I had to watch it. Sure enough, over the weekend, I watched all 12 episodes. It is beautifully put together with raw, real, racy and honest emotions. I sobbed at the end of it…..wanting more of the complicated, messy relationship and magnetic pull of the characters.


I must say that I didn’t love the series until episode 3 and then I couldn’t put it down.

WARNING lots of nudity and racy sex scenes.

Magnetic and cosmic connection…..


Read articles on the show here here and here. Jump on board and watch it — I know you will all love it. And then call me so we can discuss it. Heart wrenching, addictive, dramatic, and oh so real. A great show to watch in quarantine — not too sad, violent, or scary.

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  1. OK. I’m just starting out, but may not be the target audience for this.

    Season 1, episode 2. Marianne is called ‘ugly’ at least twice. Really? All the homely girls watching this hoping to see an inspirational story in which they, and not the blonde cheerleaders, hold court, are going: “What? That’s what you think is ugly? Now I’m really depressed!” Daisy is gorgeous.

    Season 1, episode 3. Connor tells Marianne he loves her and promptly invites Rachel to the Prom? Seriously? Is Irish relationship culture so different from the rest of the world’s? Who does this? Huge credibility problem. So much for Connor’s sensitive, understanding side.

    I’ll try a few more episodes, because the acting is so good, but I dunno…

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