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One of my favorite parts of our Pound Ridge home is the bulletin board wall in the playroom. Although we don’t spend much time in the room, it screams happiness. When we were re-decorating our home five years ago, I wanted a place to display the kids’ artwork, so we came up with the idea of having one full wall in cork so we could easily tack pictures. While I unfortunately haven’t updated the artwork in years, I just love the dimension, character, and color the wall brings to the room and house.


Color clutter! Although I am obsessively neat and like to have everything completely organized, somehow I love this little splatter of chaos and confusion. I am surprised that the last time I re-did the art wall, I didn’t organize it by colors…

Since we haven’t done anything new to the house in over five years, next up, I want to paint the doors a bright color and make it even more crazy and colorful. The house is originally from the 1800s (no joke!) and is old, quirky, creaky, and rustic. There are always nails poking out and things that need to be done and fixed. And yet….I just love the house for its coziness and uniqueness.

The cork board is so simple to use — you simply put a pushpin in it, and voila!

Side view of the wall. The playroom is located in the upstairs of the house, next to the kids’ bedrooms. The kids each have their own bedroom upstairs, but actually prefer to sleep downstairs in the guest room.

Even though it has been way too long since I rotated the artwork, I love looking back at these pieces and reminiscing.



I hope that as the kids get older, they will want to spend more time in this room. And maybe then, the wall will no longer be filled with their art work, but instead homework assignments and special photos….until then, I am happy with the smattering of old preschool artwork. And if you are interested in reading more about the house, go to this 5 year old article in Lonny Magazine….so long ago and yet not much has changed.

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  1. I love how textured this wall is. All of the colors and pop out elements. It’s very pretty.

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