Twinsters – Must Watch Documentary

If you need a good movie to watch over the remainder of the holidays, I highly recommend the documentary Twinsters available on Netflix, Amazon, and iTunes. It is a highly emotional, heart warming film about Samantha Futerman and her unexpected reunion with Anais Bordier, the identical twin sister she never knew she had, 25 years after their birth in Korea. It is fascinating, pulls at every string in your heart, and gives you good insight into the life of adoptees and siblinghood.



In Twinsters, you watch the two sisters connect through YouTube and Facebook (mind blowing how the internet has forever changed our lives!) and then follow their journey into sisterhood, including their first conversation,  first in-real-life-meeting, and their first trip back to Korea where their separation took place.




Although a happy story, you will not stop crying. A must watch and definitely one of the best films I have seen in 2015. To see the trailer (but rent the movie!!!! You will love it!), go here.


Two lives. Changed forever with just one click.

Two lives. Changed forever with just one click.


To read more articles on Twinsters, go here and here. Updates on their facebook page here.


Gushy, fascinating, irresistible.

Gushy, fascinating, irresistible.


Any other good movie recommendations? This one is irresistible and oh-so-good.

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  1. Ahhhh this looks so good! Kind of like a real-life version of the Parent Trap. Looking forward to watching! Thanks for the suggestion 🙂

  2. I’m going to watch right now! Always looking for good documentaries to see, especially now since I’m on holiday break for another few weeks.

  3. Anika! Are you watching Making a Murderer on Netflix? It reminds me of Serial actually. Gruesome, yes, but also fascinating.

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