Afternoon Tea Baby Shower

This past weekend, I was blessed to have the opportunity to celebrate the upcoming Baby Girl Natori. Although having a baby shower for a second child is a little unconventional, it was great to get together with girlfriends and toast the little munchkin nonetheless. There have been a lot of challenges and struggles surrounding this second pregnancy, so it was absolutely wonderful to focus on the positive surrounded by those closest to me. I had a warm fuzzy feeling the whole time and I am so thankful to my fabulous mother-in-law for throwing together such a sophisticated and chic afternoon tea party (would you imagine anything else?) Thank you for everyone who was able to attend! Meant the world to me!

pink invite

Pink, flowery, bright, cheery, feminine, AWESOMENESS.

entry way

The entry way. With pink cherry blossoms.

tea cups

Tea cups surrounded by pink roses.

pink rose

pink flower.

My outfit. I think dresses on me as a pregnant lady make me look like a tent, so instead, I went for a casual chic ensemble consisting of a pair of shorts and a silk top. It was comfortable and easy to wear. Key for pregnancy.

Hello self portrait. Hello belly. (My dad's response when seeing pictures of me? 'Women, especially pregnant women, should not wear high heels'. Of course, he is wearing Birkenstocks and lives in Eugene, Oregon).

Snuggling pre-party. Cruzzie did not stay for the party. Instead, he had a papa afternoon at the Central Park Zoo.

Me and my sister, Galen. How cute is she???


Me and my wonderful Mother-In-Law. As always, she looked ever so put together and chic. Never have I ever seen her looking anything but.


The food. Three types of sandwiches: lox, ham, and blue cheese.

Tea party yummy-ness. Three sweets: scones, meringue with strawberries (I ate AT LEAST 25 of these), and pink cupcakes.

More goodies up close. My favorite was the bluecheese with walnuts and pears on raisin bread. SO DELICIOUS.

Opening presents. Bridget Foley, the editor of WWD, assembled the most amazing gift EVER. She put together a basket of goodies -- with wands, butterfly wings, hairbands, a doll, and an outfit. It was truly beautiful and inspirational. Thank you, Bridget!

HELLO ROMPER! How I wish they made a matching one in my size! I don't want to have matching dresses, rather matching onesies!!!!

Overall, it was a special afternoon and I am still basking in the love and attention from all the girlfriends. Thank you everyone for your support and love — near and far. Every email, word of encouragement, phone call, and check in makes all the difference. Thank you!!!

Anika Yael Natori, aka, The Josie Girl

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  1. Early congratulations. looks like it was a special day. Love your outfit!

    • It was a great touch! I didnt realize I loved pink so much until I found out I was having a baby girl….

  2. you look so chic and adorable. what a lovely celebration, it looks beautiful. love you.

  3. The party looks so elegant-=the flowers, the food, and especially liked seeing the pictures of Josie and Josie girl–very chic, very dramatic,

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