Aviator Nation

I am a sucker for hooded sweatshirts. Like shoes for some people, I can never have too many hooded sweatshirts! I literally have too many hooded sweatshirts to count (you can take the girl out of Eugene, but you can’t take the Eugene out of the girl!). And if I did count, it would be too embarrassing to share. The past several years, my favorite brand of sweatshirts has been from a company called “Aviator Nation.”

Aviator Nation. Aviator Nation's name comes from the creator's favorite type of sunglasses -- aviators. She wanted the feel of the company to be very OP (remember that company???) -- truly a Californian inspiration.

Aviator Nation is a California based company that is oh-so-California. Kinda like the word, hella. It just blasts off the message that it is a California born and bred company. Which is probably why I am obsessed with it. I am a California (and Oregon) type of girl. Basically, Aviator Nation has taken vintage t-shirt and sweatshirt reproduction to the next level. The look and feel of the clothes is retro and worn in. The moment you see the sweatshirt, it is your new, favorite, broken-in, and ultimate dreamy lounge wear. And not only is the material super soft and comfortable, but the looks and colors are so rad (hella rad, to be exact) and bright, that they bring me happiness whenever I wear them.

zip up hoodie

A zip up hoodie. Classic and wearable daily! (And of course, love the no pants look -- must be a west coast thing).

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